Earl Tomenio
Earl Tomenio, Philippines

Ups and downs during this Monsoon season in Nepal.

A friend of mine suggested that Hari is a great contact if ever I wanted to do something around Nepal. Coming in from Qatar, without any plans or whatsoever. I shot him a message and inquired about a 5-6 days trek. I met with him at his office and he gave me a very detailed itinerary about this easy trek (Ghorepani). It was so detailed and flexible that he even gave me options on how to make it cheaper as I was doing it solo. Then came his guide, Karna, who really helped me in any way he could all throughout the trek. The monsoon season really was a bummer, because the weather was really unpredictable. But I had a lot of fun every day of the trek because Karna helped me with my little project (taking portraits of people I meet) as a translator. There are times that I felt overwhelmed about the hospitality of Karna. He did just want all things to be smooth sailing. Going through the trek, not really expecting to experience any clearing, on our last day, alas! All the famous peaks showed up. The time and effort given to me by Hari even though I was doing the trek alone were top notch. Even the sendoff dinner was a cherry on top. All in all, I would suggest this company to be your partner in any major or minor trek in Nepal.