• Destination: Nepal

Indirect way volunteering in Nepal, Those who have intense desire and commitment for volunteering but they have very busy schedules in their life and you can never kill up your passion for charity and volunteering, at this situation your involvement will be an indirect but the same as responsible as the direct way of volunteering. Wherever you are it doesn’t matter for volunteering and charity but your passion matter a lot because it is the era of globalization and nothing is impossible if you have intense passion and commitment?

For this, your presence is not inevitable. Without your presence, you can appoint someone for the specified programs that in which sector you are going to help like education, health, drinking water, farming, disaster management, women violence and so on. You can collect the fund or you can directly send someone or us the equipment or materials if you don’t want to send us cash directly and we will move according to your suggestion in our mutual understanding. We think it seems good that those volunteering enthusiasts will not be out of their mission. 

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01Arrival in Kathmandu and stay at hotel.
  • Day 02Drive to Dhading and stay in local home, eat local foods and brief description of the village.
  • Day 03Onwards: Begin the volunteer work up to your time. Feel the Nepali lifestyle and enjoy the local foods. Finishing your stay, drive to Kathmandu and fly further to your home.


Trip DatesAvailabilityPriceNotes  
29 Sep, 2023 - 29 Sep, 2023AvailableUS$25