Community trekking is trekking to an untouched and unexplored virgin trail of the mountain of Nepal in Annapurna region. Moreover, it is the trekking to the off the beaten rugged terrain Himalayan mainland catering one finely the wildest mountainous and remote flavor of trekking in Nepal.  Rare settlement in this area really makes this trekking wild and astounding. This trekking is also considered to be one of the most remote trekking trails in Nepal and the most of the trekking campaign will be camping not tea houses nevertheless you some guests houses and hotels are being built in this trekking trail these days. Most notably, the spectacular view of the snow-fed mountain especially Machhapuchhre, the Fish-tail is really magnificent.

Actually, Community trekking is considered to be a technical and adventurous as it is difficult to find the exact trail to the final destination. Nevertheless, adventure enthusiasts find this trekking rewarding trekking among the adventurous trekking trails in Nepal. Meanwhile, in the afternoon, the weather condition may not favor the trekkers. The weather extremes may be triggered by the avalanche and heavy snowfall. Nevertheless, we, the veteran team will ensure you your complete safety and try our best to tackle the foreseen and unforeseen circumstances during the trip days. Our experienced trip staffs always there to let you experience the inexperienced. Not only the trekkers are keen to mild trekking but of course, some of them love adventure and challenges in their life and now community trekking will be an ultimate adventure destination for ultimate thrill of the mountain region. So, community trekking is getting popular among the tourists who always venture to meet the adventure.

Community trekking, Some skill of climbing must be there and the trekkers must be daring and courageous enough to grab the opportunity of the wilderness of adventure then the victory will undoubtedly be a memorable once-for-a lifetime. One must be both mentally and physically fit along with good stamina of hiking and to face the challenges of weather extremes during the trip. We have been operating community trekking for the last 5 years. Thus, we strongly assure you all the lovers of adventure around the world that we as long as you are with us and with our veteran team, you experience the most safety all around the trip.

If you will does this trekking help local community directly. Some place no teahouse Homestay. You know a lot of cultural things in Nepal.