Nepal Hiking Trek

Nepal Hiking Trek is a dedicated local travel agency that has to provide the best travel and trekking services to our client. We provide the satisfaction, safety, comport facilities to our customers as our first priority and we are always improving our selves to achieve the new records and bettering our works. We crafted carefully and well- rounded tour and trekking packages across Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We are the winner of the Certificate of Excellence in 2018 and comprised of dedicated teams who are professionals with passion, discipline, and zeal of the world. With a license granted by the Ministry of Tourism of Nepal and highly and fluent professional English-Speaking Guides and leader from many parts of the country, we are experienced teams with a knowledge of various trials and different corner location like the back of hands. With a beautiful experience, great joy, expressed through professional experience, wonderful and the amazing sites and destination, customs are the highlight points of the country where the natural, cultural elements are presented in a fascinating manner.  One of the best trekking company in Nepal, Nepal Hiking Trek is also bound with many means of transport, hotel, airlines that helps to provides efficient services.

With the aims to expand our border, we extend our partnership proposal forward. Continuing to works with different agents and suppliers, we have put the partnership request.

Why partner with us?

Dedicated Team

Comprising of best professionals in the field, our teams are dedicated to providing the best services. Our travel experts are always ready to help our customers at any time. Our guide is fluent in English and provides the best guidelines to the visitors. We think that the client of our office is the god so we always try our best to provide them with good facilities.

Quality Services

Our agency is known for the best quality service in tour and trekking journey at all places. Customers comfort and satisfaction is our top priority. We all try to put a smile in the face of our client by providing the best service and facilities.

Best Tour and Trekking Packages

All the tour and trekking packages are well crafted for our customer safe and well-round experience. All our packages are with full security of our customers and providing them with the most memorable experience. We try to provide the best tour to the clients to make their Nepal trip wonderful. The tour and the adventure trek journey are a wonderful success with the collection and the experience of Himalayan as well as natural beauty.

Trekking and Mountaineering Export

We have been in the industry since 2015 and have guide and leaders who have been working in travel, tour and trekking business for more than 5 years. We are the trekking agencies with the full document need to open the travel office with the good Himalayan export guide and the porter to facilities the visitors. We have the good experience of all the trek of Nepal.

Healthy and Safety conscious

Nepal Hiking Trek provides the safety protocol of all of our clients during all the trek and tour that we organize. All our guide have the experience with giving First Aid and dealing with altitude sickness.  All our team member are well trained for the instructions regarding and how to handle an accident in a kind and skillful manner. We put the care of the client during the adventure trek by providing the office guide who have the good skills and knowledge to face the high altitude problems.

Facilitated infrastructure

All our facilities provided to our clients and customers are sophisticated and facilitated. Our camping, tour, trekking and other adventure climbing journey are with the best equipment and items of high quality available. Our office infrastructures are the best and most favorable of the work. We provide the best and quality equipment for the trek to make a memorable success of the trek. We only provide the goods with the good inquiry and with high quality so that we couldn't face the upcoming problem on the adventure trip.

Best Rates for Partners

We are the best and leading local travel agencies in Nepal, and provides the various tour and trekking packages to our clients and customers from different parts of the world. We link with hotel, transport, airlines and helps us provides effective rates to the agents who are in mutual co-operation with us. The got the positive reaction from the client with made the adventure trip in Nepal.

Safe Environment policy

Our services are always based on and towards the improved and best travel scopes through the environmental impacts, through the use available energy-efficient in both office and other fields. We serve to protect the environment condition of the beautiful country. We develop and operate our service, facilities and conduct our activities taking the consideration of safe and efficient use of materials and energy and minimizing the waste and environment impact goods and using the 3D principle for protecting the environment.

Social Responsibility

Our awareness about a role in society is based on our strong and meaningful moral and ethnic standards. Our policies are built on self- regulating mechanism where all our business practices are adherent to the law and are done with impeccable standards towards norms and sustainable. We promote the public interest by encouraging community growth and development, voluntarily practice for the betterment of the local people. We are providing some profit for our business to the orphans as the charity.

Nepal #1 Best Local trekking agency