Travel insurance is a significant aspect of any kind of adventure activities or tours in Nepal. It helps you to travel without worries and with great confidence. If any kinds of accidents or any types of health problems arise, you can get a quick helicopter rescue from the mountains. If you are going for mountaineering or peak climbing as well as the alpine trekking activities, you should always think of your safety and quick rescue is needed. Also, there are not facilitated hospitals and reliable transport services in the Himalayan region of Nepal.

It is better to do the travel insurance in your own country. In Nepal also, there are insurance companies, but they may not cover the high altitude and expensive rescue. We suggest you travel without any hesitation and being strong psychologically.  

Travel insurance is compulsory for all the customer looking to travel in Nepal with Nepal Hiking Trek. The travel insurance should cover both medical and emergency evacuation cost. We suggest that your insurance is worth a minimum of USD 10,000.

The beauty of the Himalayas in Nepal comes with the risk. It is always best to prepare for any unseen risk that you may face during your trek of traveling. There are many insurance companies that offer you the travel insurance service over the internet. You can choose any one from a wide variety of insurance companies as per your desire. Especially when it comes to trekking in Nepal, there is always a chance of minor health issue, injuries and most importantly altitude sickness.

It is very important that you chose a travel insurance policy that covers the cost of helicopter rescue from the mountain during the major accident and AMS (Acute mountain sickness). During these extreme case of the emergency, helicopter service is the only way to be out from the mountain. This includes the rescue teams from ground evaluation and rescue. This is why we require your travel insurance to cover the cost of the helicopter service and evacuation from the Himalayas.

So precaution is better than cure and always better be safe than sorry.

Before you plan a trip with Nepal Hiking Trek, make sure that your travel insurance covers all the costs mentioned above from a reliable company.

Suggest travel insurance companies

For travelers from the USA and Canada

  • IMG insurance
  • Square Mouth
  • Cover-More
  • American Travel
  • Bon Voyage
  • John Hancock
  • International Health
  • Travel Lite
  • Travel Assist

For travelers from Europe

  • Mutuaide Assistance
  • Winter Sports Annual Gold

For traveler form British

  • True Traveler
  • First Assist Services Limited
  • Harrison Beaumont
  • Buy cheap travel insurance

For travelers from Australia

  • Cover more travel insurance

For travelers from South Africa

  • Travel insurance consultancy

These companies suggested by our previous travelers and are suggest for purposes only.