Tibet is a certain zone covering a great bit of the Tibetan Plateau in Central Asia. It is the standard country of the Tibetan individuals and besides some other ethnic get-togethers, for example, Monpa, Qiang, and Lhoba society and is by and by in like way controlled by gigantic measures of Han Chinese and Hui individuals. Tibet is the most stunning area on Earth, with a run of the mill height of 4,900 meters (16,000 ft). The most basic climb in Tibet is Mount Everest, Earth's most imperative mountain, rising 8,848 m (29,029 ft) above ocean level. The Tibetan Empire made in the seventh century yet with the fall of the space the territory before long isolated into an assortment of districts.

The bigger piece of western and focal Tibet was as regularly as conceivable in any event evidently bound together underdevelopment of Tibetan governments in Lhasa, Shigatse, or close-by regions; these lawmaking bodies were at different conditions under Mongol and Chinese overlordship. with sensible flexibility given to the Tibetan leaders.[1] The eastern districts of Kham and Amdo as frequently as conceivable kept up a more decentralized indigenous political structure, being segregated among various little areas and genealogical social events, while in like way reliably falling all the more especially under Chinese direct after the Battle of Chamdo; a broad piece of this territory was unavoidably joined into the Chinese regions of Sichuan and Qinghai. The present edges of Tibet were, for the most part, settled in the eighteenth century. when, following the Battle of Chamdo, Tibet ended up joined into the People's Republic of China, and the past Tibetan government was refuted in 1959 after a fizzled uprising.[ Today, China addresses western and focal Tibet as the Tibet Autonomous Region while the eastern locales are eventually and expansive ethnic self-speaking to prefectures inside Sichuan, Qinghai and other neighboring areas. There are strains with respect to Tibet's political status and nonconformist groups that are dynamic in a state of removal. It is additionally said that Tibetan activists in Tibet have been gotten or tormented. 

The economy of Tibet is represented by subsistence development, at any rate, tourism has changed into a making industry in the late decades. The general religion in Tibet is Tibetan Buddhism; other than there is Bön, which takes after Tibetan Buddhism, and there are beside Tibetan Muslims and Christian minorities. Tibetan Buddhism is a central effect on the craftsmanship, music, and merriments of the region. Tibetan arrangement reflects Chinese and Indian impacts. Staple sustenances in Tibet are stewed grain, yak meat, and margarine tea.

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