Guide and Porter hire in Nepal

As we are the local trekking agency. We hire an only local leader, employ and other staff to operate and generate the local economy. We hire qualified staff in our office and provide the best training for them.

We all have heard the sad stories of the porter left on the mountainside or freezing outside while travelers revel inside. At Nepal Hiking Trek, we treat our guide and porters equally to face the challenges and difficulties in the trek. We appreciate the hard work performed by our guide and the porters, without them, the trip would not be possible. Thus we treat and obey the Guide and Porter policy to ensure the working conditions of our guides, Sherpa and Porters are a strong and fair standard toward to avoidable illness, injury, and death.

Here is some quick run policy of our company in this regard:

Our Guide is trained by the Government of Nepal and gets a license to do a job as a guide. A guide can able to get a license after a month-long training which is organized by TAAN and Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NAHAM) every year. During the training period instructs in a variety of subjects including first aid, altitude sickness, and other important issues, and must have English speaking capacity which can be determined in an interview. All guides can speak fluent English or their native language and are well-known about the route of the trekking destination. They will help you to find the best hotel with good food and accommodation facilities and they will provide you with early breakfast, lunch, and dinner in time and also help you with any issues like the altitude police checkpoint, permit, dangerous animal landslide, because they are very expert to handle this situation and problems.

Nepal Trekking Guide Service

A Guide does not carry any goods that belong to you. A good guide gives you guidelines to reach your destination. From a part of showing you the trial, he explains to you about the natural beauty of the place, culture, and tradition of the people living in the place. He will also explain to you about the local lifestyle, the name of the snow-capped mountain, he will also explain about the Nepali religious temple, monasteries, geography, Himalayan flora, and fauna, teach you about the Nepali language, their greeting, the local people's hospitality, local dress, local food, and their festival and cultural program. An assistant guide whom we call Sherpa will help you to find and secure lodging during the busy season help to carry your backpack when you are struggling and also help you in a very bad condition. The guide will register your details at every check post, handle the transport confusion whether go by bus or by plane, direct the porter, and so on.

Nepal Trekking Porter Service

Porter speaks only their local language or Nepali Language. Some porter can speak very limited English because their job is to carry your luggage each day. A porter doesn't Speak English generally but follows the trail just not to get lost. They will carry up to 25 to 30 Kg during the trial but more than 24 Kg is maximum. Sometimes the expert porter will help you to find the best and the shortest route to reach the destination in a short time and also may suggest the best hotel. Hire a porter. Hiring a porter means helping them. Hundreds of thousands of families depend upon the porter to continue their lifestyle, to generate family income. It is not the purpose of hiring the porter just to carry your bag of luggage, he will also help you in bad condition, making your night and day memorable and enjoyable. It is better to hire a porter during the adventure trek than to make the trip alone. Just make sure to give him a reasonable load, usually a fully packed bag. If you are trekking with the group put all your goods in one bag and give him the packed bag and carry a small or personal bag yourself. Sometimes you can find a Guide cum porter, which might be good for hiring this kind of porter if you are trekking alone. This is usually a porter who has trekked several regions and can speak a few English and help you to find the best route. Nepal Hiking Trek may have expert and trusted local guides, Porters, and Guide cum Porter and always happy to serve and help you for making your adventure trek experienced and memorable.

Prices for hiring a guide, Guide cum Porter and Porter as follows (in discounted price):

Experienced peak climbing- Mountain Guide: $325 or Euro 310(per each peak climbing)

Trekking RegionGuideGuide com PorterPorter
Everest Trekking Region

 US 35              

 US 30 US 25              
Annapurna Trekking Region 


 US 25 US 22
Langtang Trekking Region

 US 30

 US 25 US 22
Upper Mustang Trekking

 US 35

 US 28 US 23
Makalu Base Camp Trek

 US 35

 US 28 US 25

The price will include (their salaries, meal accommodation, insurance, and their equipment used in adventure hiking)

Note: you will have to pay the cost of food, accommodation, transportation yourself if necessary domestic air ticket, National park permit and so on when you are using such kind of service we will inform to you of the total cost in advance.

Remember that: All our staff (Sherpa, Porter, Guide, Leader) are insured and covered for the medicine and rescue service.

Hiring a service Guide and Porter for trekking in Nepal can be done easily with Nepal Hiking Trek because we are working in this field and have an expert working guide and porter with a decade of the year experience in the mountains. We have truly a combination of the eastern and western skills and we have a multicultural team. Passing childhood in the lap of the world's iconic peaks our guide and porter have a good knowledge of the culture, tradition, religion, and lifestyle and also they are well familiar with their culture, religion, arts, and the ways of their living.

All of our guides are well trained and get the trekking license provided by the government. The license exam was conducted by the TAAN (Trekking Agency Association of Nepal) and Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHAM) every year. They have good knowledge about the trekking route and all kinds of medicine their uses and treatment and emergency service of first aid, altitude sickness, frostbite, and other issues. Our guide and porter never misbehave with you, never leave you alone, and always be first to help you during the adventure hiking period.

When you hire a guide and porter for the adventure trip with Nepali Hiking Trek, you are fully protected from your finances. Our guide will help you to know about the local culture, tradition, cultural and local program, and interaction with the local people. Familiar with them, know the trial, and provide the information about the natural resources their flora and fauna. They believe in responsible travel and hospitality sincerely and provide you with the best opportunity to get back to the community you visit. Because of our service, quality, and friendliness, many of our client who makes the adventure trek with us have now become our good friends.

Our expert and experienced guide takes care of all the trip details, making sure everything in the adventure trip runs smoothly and with a lot of fun. Everything in the trek like the arrangement of the hotel, a lodge of the teahouse, luggage, ticketing, permit, registration, and so on will be handled by our guide and porter. So just relax and sit back, enjoy the beautiful moment of your holidays.

We always select an expert and physically fit and strong trekking porter for the adventure trip to carry your luggage. All of our porters are well-insured, equipped, well paid and highly experienced. Our expert porter can carry a maximum of 30 kg. Our professional and expert porter and guide will help you to make your adventure trek more enjoyable and memorable.

Why do I need a trekking Guide?

We are currently providing a different language guide in different fields like trekking, climbing, rafting, and other adventure activities. The main purpose of providing the expert guide is to facilities and provide our client with accurate information about Nepal, their religion, and culture aside from providing excellent services and facilities in the trekking. Hiking in the mountain region is a good idea to have a memorable experience along the trip.

Well Knowing the people

The local guide will help you to know more about Nepal. Local guides and porters working in a particular region have good knowledge of the local culture, religion, tradition, and lifestyle. They will help you to become more comfortable and familiar with the local people.

Familiarity with the Trek

The guide has lots of experience in the particular region of the trekking and also had completed the trials multiple times. Maps are helpful but you can get the facts information, traditional, cultural, and religious information from the map that you can get from the guide that you hire. The guide is well-known for the time of trekking, landscapes, nest stops, the best resting point, hotels, and lodges. They may know the people on the trial who can provide you with the best room in the hotel and lodge, and provide you with the best food and accommodation facilities.

Break the Language Barrier

It is always good to know the language of the place where you are going to spend your vacation making the adventure trekking. You may know some phrases of Nepal but your guide can get the real scoop. It is very helpful to know the easy route, next village to come, availability of the teahouse and also easy for the other arrangement. Especially at the higher altitudes, it's an advantage to have a native language for handling important communication.

Safety and Security

Different altitude and climate disorders can occur during the adventure hike. So your guide will have a good experience to handle such problems and issues. Sometimes some security issues may arise in the remote area so the guide will help you by keeping their eyes on you and your belongings. Our guide will know the route condition and health concerns in the outdoor regarding the concern.

Culture insight

The guide will be very cooperative about the local culture, tradition, and religious importance of the local places. It can be very fruitful to ask about the culture, customs, traditions, local people ethnic groups, and religions of the local people and you can have insight into the history of the various places.

Why Nepal Hiking Trek and our Guide and Porter?

Some of the distinct feature and characteristics of the Guide and Porter makes us proud and trustworthy for hiring the Guide and Porter for your trekking. You will always feel safe and enjoy the trekking experience of a lifetime by trekking with them.

  • Our Guide is experienced, expert highly skilled, and qualified in various aspects of trekking in Nepal. They are government license holder with proper training, examined, and interviewed.
  • Good training by our Guide on such issues as First Aid, Eco trekking and tourism, Altitude sickness, and other rescue protocol
  • Our guide is very honest and has personal integrity.
  • They speak very fluent English as well as other languages like French, Japanese, and others.
  • All of our staff have a good knowledge of local culture, tradition, and religion like Hinduism, and Buddhism and are keen to share their knowledge with the visitors. They will also share your less known facts about our country.
  • Our guide will invite you to a special briefing about the next day's program activities. This will include the distance to travel and other relevant details. You can also ask a question and discuss your day in this gathering which can be a great time.
  • We provide a basic Medical kit to every Guide which includes the commonly needed items during the trekking like Bandages, painkillers, Antiseptic, and so on.
  • He will manage all the aspect of your trek like ensuring your comfort, and privacy for the night's accommodation at the end of the day.  Our guide is consistent and is always considerate to all your ness so you will find the high standard.

Our Porters:

  • Hundreds/thousands of Families in Nepal depend upon pottering to continue their lifestyle and to generate some income.
  • Your goods will be safely carried by our porter, making your walk easy, comfortable, and enjoyable.
  • Our porter will carry your bag, luggage, food, and other items in a safe and secure.
  • Your luggage or your belongings will be carefully maintained by our porter in good condition, protecting them against, the snowslide, wet, from sharp rocks and other disasters.
  • Our porters are very honest and proud of Nepali and their integrity because their asset is their heritage.
  • They are very excited about joining in singing and dancing at the end of the day to blow out all the tiredness, to relax which brings a smile and laughter in the face. Create a romantic, fun, and enjoyable environment.

Our guide and porter hiring costs include:

  • All required transport costs of Guide and Porter
  • Daily salary of the Guide and the Porter
  • All food and accommodation of the guide and porters
  • Service charges& tax at all times of hiring

Suitable guide and porters

Guide: Fluent in English, have a Government license obtained got different training related to First Aid, altitude sickness, and other Environment aspects. Have 6/7 tears trekking experience and arrange all the necessary logistics during your trekking. They will not carry your luggage or a bag.

Porter: Overall the English are just ok. Cary maximum 30 kg and well known about the trekking trail, experience from 2 to 8 years. Helps to find good teahouse and guest house.

For single travelers: 1 guide/porter is good, the same person gives you the guidelines and carries your bag, you can take 1 guide and 1 porter also.

For 2 travelers: 1 Guide very fluent in English and 1 porter are most needed.

If you don't want to get more information and just need the person to carry your bag, you can take our porter only. They will carry your bag, provide the guidelines, and help to get the trekking way, help to find the guest house. Their English speaking is not fluent just ok.

Note: You can question anything you have about the culture, religion, people, and country. You are hiring a guide and porter for your safety, and comfort and to enjoy the trek without any difficulty. S please inform the guide immediately if you have any problems during your adventure trek. We are always ready to help you and provide you with the best service. When you are using this kind of service, tips from the guide or porter are not compulsory and included in the package but are expected.


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