Trekking Equipment List

  1. Hiking boots.(please check it before trekking start)
  2. Simple sandals(when you arrive hotel, better open
  3. Shoes dry shocks, night time go to toilet need wear it.
  4. Hiking socks-4 thick pairs 2 thin pairs. Buy quality hiking
  5. Socks.
  6. Long sleeve trekking shirts (3) This good for sun protect.
  7. Long sleeve trekking t-shirt (1).good for sleeping in at night.
  8. Long less weight paints. Zip open are good.(2)better have
  9. Water proof no need wind proof. This one use hot days too.
  10. Waterproof/windproof jacket (1).when you sitting around
  11. Night.
  12. Raincoat .small size will be fine.
  13. Underwear-4-5 comfortable.
  14. Hat up to the weather is cold and hot.
  15. Sunglasses (2) when you going high, High, Sun getting strong
  16. Is necessary.
  17. Warm hat means like woollen hat.
  18. Gloves (2),better have 1 really warm another is light.
  19. Water purification tablets or electronic device (if light)
  20. Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste.
  21. Water bottles (2).One for drinking another preparing to
  22. Drink that’s be very good.
  23. Dry bag (1) keeps it important things.
  24. Lip balm.
  25. First aid kit (diamox, Niko, sun creem, small bandage, antiseptic
  26. Cream, bites/burn up to you traveller.
  27. Head light.
  28. Small day bag (carry money wallet, camera, water bottle)
  29. Plastic bags carry dirty our cloths.
  30. Tissue paper, Baby wipes, watch.
  31. Down Jacket and sleeping if you have own really good,
  32. You can hire Kathmandu as well.
  33. 25.Trekking pole, Trekking map.
  34. 26. Double bag if better have water proof porter carry this bag.

This things if you have better

  1. Camera/video, batteries.
  2. Sunscreen.
  3. Knife.
  4. Some chocolate bar.
  5. Crampon small one.
  6. First Aid kit list
  7. Imodium.
  8. Dioralyte.
  9. Diamox( for Altitude sickness)
  10. Paracetamol.
  11. Cold and flu tablets.
  12. Blister plasters and zinc oxide tape.
  13. Antiseptic wipes.
  14. Water purification tablets and hand sanitizer.
  15. Adventure Medical Kit Ultralight and Watertight.