Volunteering in Nepal is for nothing to gain but the inner satisfaction of your social service. A human is not a complete human if he/ she don’t have the feeling of volunteering at the bottom of his/ her heart. Hence, we believe in volunteering and it strengthens the overall development of the entire community and as a whole of the nation. The sole motive of establishing Nepal Hiking Trek was to enhance the tourism prospect through volunteering and social works at the local level.

Volunteering in Nepal, At the time of the disastrous earthquake in Nepal (25th April and 12th May), when Nepal was hard hit and people were found totally helpless, we, Nepal Hiking Trek, our entire team voluntarily provided our humanitarian support for the victimized families. We provided foodstuffs (especially rice) for 75 families in Jyamrung. Each family got a sack of rice of 30 kg, 1 kg salt and 1 kg sugar. They were 2250 kg rice, 75 kg salt, and 75 kg of sugar in total.  We don’t claim that these foods were never enough for them but at least we attempted to resist the very situation of the moment. We also believe that one is easily broken and a joint venture in charity or volunteering is never defeated and always oriented to the peak of the success. So do we.

Volunteering in Nepal, We have been assisting Kumari Devi Secondary School which is located in Jyamrung VDC of  Dhading in their teaching-learning activities for the past 5 years.  Basically, we insist on providing school uniforms, stationary materials, and school bags. From our attempt, 150 students of this school are directly benefited with stationeries like a copy, pen, pencil and 50 students are provided school uniforms as help in order to support their education. Our mission is, “no student should be deprived of a fundamental right, like education and educating a child is educating the community and the nation and each and every student is to attend the school” Many students come from poor families, who can’t afford them all these things. We find out them and help them to reach their access to quality education to enhance the overall development of a child.

In the days to come, we are planning to help them with the environmental awareness programs, first aid training and many more in this school. We also think to extend such humanitarian works like disaster management, sanitation and awareness against women violence and production of organic foods in different other communities and for this, we, of course, require volunteering manpower. Hence those volunteering enthusiasts are humbly welcomed to join in our volunteering and charity works. 

Nepal Hiking Trek has been involving in various volunteering in Nepal and charity works since its establishment in the local communities where they are benefited and also offers a great variety of interesting volunteering opportunities for you those who want to involve in it directly or indirectly. Here, we strongly assure you that 5% of the profit of Nepal Hiking Trek directly goes to various charity works at the local level. We believe that it is one of the best ways to uplift the living standard of the people.

We have a lot of sector volunteering in Nepal.