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Adventure Vacations out of all the countries in Asia, tourists love to come to Nepal for adventure tours and sports. The scenery and landscape of the Himalayan Kingdom are such that it is the obvious choice for adventure seekers. Nepal offers some of the most stimulating and exhilarating adventure sports and activities that visitors just can’t seem to get enough of. If you are on the lookout for a vacation with your significant half or with friends or family, Nepal would be the finest decision you’d make!

The wide range of adventure Vacations and activities make this place a destination all adventure lovers want to visit. From trekking the world-renowned Himalayas to climbing rocky mountains that have higher altitudes than even the Swiss Alps, riding the waves in a raft with 7 to 8 other people, visiting jungle safari to take snaps of animals found only in this region, Nepal is the perfect adventure vacations.

Adventure Vacations, Trek lovers will definitely love the topography that Nepal has to offer. With its natural diversity and a variety of rich culture, most tourist love to trek in Nepal. Water rafting in Nepal is just as popular as trekking. It is amongst one of the surreal ways to explore Nepal as you raft through canyons, jungles, and wildlife. Most visitors take jungle safari to seek extraordinary birds and animals. You may be greeted by some of the rarest species of birds and animals that are on the verge of extinction which is carefully protected by Nepal’s wildlife reserves.

The diverse range of terrains that Nepal has been gifted with makes Mountain Biking another sport all adventure seekers love to be a part of. Cycling through the rural villages where very few foreigners have set foot on, you can see the wondrous landscapes, unique culture and life of locals which are simple yet their smile and cheerful nature makes you wonder, what is happiness really about? The locals live peacefully together in carefully knit groups protecting their heritage following the norms of their elders.

Nepal’s presence of swift glaciers, rivers, forests, hills, and nature awaken your inner spirit. That is why we would recommend Nepal to be your destination for adventure vacations.

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