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Before making the adventure trek to the Everest Base Camp. You should know all about the Everest Base Camp, about its difficulty, altitude, altitude sickness. Here is the answered of all the question than the travelers wants to know about the Everest Base Camp Trek before booking their adventure trek.

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EBC trek-FAQs

Everest Base Camp Trek FAQ

Is a trek to Everest Base Camp dangerous?

Yes, and No, this both world take equal response in this trek. Everest Base Camp is at the high altitude and it can kill but it isn't likely. If you prepare yourself before the adventure hike, take your time and acclimatize properly, take rest then you can be fine. People have quit their trek either by the accident or the knocked off by the yak but this isn't a serious concern if you are clever and smart too. Always walk in the right path and give the way to yak and other animals, always stay inside of the trail to remain safe.

Is the Base Camp trek difficult or easy?

Everest Base Camp Trek is the moderate level adventure hike.  There are a little difficult steep climb and rolling flat but it is a little difficult for someone with little or no trekking experience although it is manageable. With good training, you can be able to complete the Everest Base Camp Trek. However, even with proper training, you can get altitude sickness which means you have to return back to a lower altitude so keep calm and walk slow and steady.

What is another option for Trekking and Tours?

This depends on what you are looking for. If you made the trek to EBC with a small group of people around 6, 1guide and 3 porters and didn't have much hiking experience and preferred to work with knowledgeable guides for the trek.

Here is some trekking option:

  • Private guide with a porter
  • Private guide without porters
  • No guide with porter
  • No guide and no porter
  • Both guide and porter
  • Small group hike and tour with both porter and guide

What do I recommend?

If you really an experienced hiker you should probably want to go solo because you can experience the legendary and the classical trek. You will offer the incredible and panoramic views of the world highest snowy peaks with the beautiful experience of Sherpa local culture and tradition; explore their culture and the natural surrounding the villages. Trek with active adventure group with a helpful guide and porters. Please go trek with Nepal local based trekking agency money going local people.

What I don't recommend?

The long tour group can be more difficult. There can be a high chance of misunderstanding, should wait for a long to visit the restroom and can be disturb. There can be people of all skill level in this group and peace might be frustrating at the time.

Do I need travel insurance for EBC?

Of Course, you need travel insurance and make sure that it will cover you at a high altitude. If you have any problems and need to be airlift your travel insurance will cover it.

How likely is altitude sickness?

Trekkers at EBC

We should have to walk at the high altitude in this EBC trek. AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) should not be taken lightly especially at the altitude on the EBC trek and altitude sickness can strike anyone no matter your fitness level. The main key during the adventure walk is to walk slow and steady and the good way to remain far from the altitude sickness is to walk in high altitude and rest at the lower altitude by returning back. One should rest properly and keep the knowledge about the altitude sickness problems and symptoms can success the trek with lots of experience and memories.

Should I take Diamox? 

Altitude sickness can be the rick to any people walking in the high altitude, to be far from this sickness first you should consult to the doctor before you make the adventure trip (though I did not) to go over the benefits. Many people and travelers chose to take it as the preventive measure against the altitude sickness. I also took a dose in the early morning and at the nigh during the bed rest. The main side effect of this medicine is that it makes you urinate more usual than in regular time. That means you should cold wake up in the middle of the night to use a restroom.

Should I take ibuprofen on the EBC Trek?

It is completely up to you to take ibuprofen. Though it provides the relief of the heel and pain it is very effective as Diamox.  There were the research and study going on by the doctors and the teahouse and the lodge about the benefits of using the painkillers to get relief and prevent from the altitude sickness. I took ibuprofen early morning for the most of time due to a headache when I get up, this becomes necessary for me at the higher altitude.

Which season is the best for the adventure hike to EBC?

Adventure Hike

Both spring and Autumn season is very beautiful. Spring season provides the beautiful experience of Himalayan flora and fauna, we continue our adventure walk with a walk through the green terraced field, through the dense rhododendron, alpine, and oak forest with the beautiful and charming village in reason with culture and tradition but rain can hit during the monsoon and Autumn is also very beautiful we can view the panoramic view of the snowy peaks.  But the snow can hit in this season too. The peak and the best season to trek Everest Base Camp Trek is early March-middle Jun and September- Mid December.

How busy are the Trial?

In the Peak season like early March- July and September- Mid December the trail is little crowd because this season is very fabulous to make the adventure walk to the Base Camp. We can see may guide the group around 5-6, 10-15 people and also pass through the local people and village, porters and yak during the walk but there is plenty of places where you can feel like there is just you and the world iconic peaks during our hike.

How much money I should carry during the trek?

If you are traveling with a group like I did you will not need as much money as solo trekking, your group will handle for paying of the meals, lunch, and breakfast But you need some money to buy snacks, a bottle of water, Wi-Fi, Some light and some charging device. Per Person $200 US exchange Nepali Currency enough for you. If you want to spend more money need to carry more. 

Also, it is good if you give some tips to the porters and guide at the end of this trek for helping you in this adventure walk because you won't see your porters after Lukla so before heading to Kathmandu you should make some tips ready for your guide and porters.

Can I buy and drink the water all the way to Everest Base Camp?

You can save some money by carrying water bottles with some water purification tablets or Sunlight during the trek.  I follow this method every morning during my adventure walk. I used to carry a camel bag and used the tap to fill up it and again during my lunch and dinner time. When I was closer to the Gorakshep the water is not very clear and pure so I was suggested by my friends to carry and use the water from my down altitude. It is very good to carry one personal bottle with iodine pills to purify your waters.  Everest Base Camp trekking mineral water is expansive, save money with safe Nature.

How much water should I drink during EBC trek?

Water is very important while trekking at the high altitude, due to the lake of water and maximum dehydration in your body may lead to serious problems, you may feel week, lazy, dull. So during my adventure hike I used to drank 3 liters before my lunch and 3 liters after my lunch and I tried to drink less after my dinner because we often need break at the midnight for visit our washroom so I recommend drinking at least 4 liters of the water but I drank 6 liters of water daily, to remain healthy and safe from the altitude sickness.

Ariel view of Everest Trek

EBC Training and Gear Question

How do I train for the Trek?

Training should start before you make the adventure trek. You should be mentally and physically fit and fine, should walk from up hills o down hills to increase the walking strength in the high altitude, should visit the gym regularly focusing on the legs.

What gear do I need for the Everest Base Camp Trek?

For the Everest Base Camp Solo Trek you required trekking poles, trekking shoes, trekking  shoes, inner loves, moisture underwear, sunglasses, headlight, water bottles, camera, pee funnel, passport, money, some book to read during the free or night time, cards( to play during the bore mood), trekking trouser and suits, portable chargers, lock, towel, ear lines, sleeping bags, lines, earphone, bag pack, day pack, Duffel bag, rain cover, dry bag, trekking shoes, hiking boots, outer Insulated gloves, waterproof jackets, trekking, t-shirts and other personal goods.

Where should I buy my gear at home or in Kathmandu?

Gear is very cheap and maybe in low quality in Kathmandu.  May some product are real but almost things you see in Thamel is little fake, it doesn't mean that you cannot buy gear at Thamel but if you buy the gear at home it can be at high quality, good, flexible. Thamel has branded shop as well like North Face you can buy trekking equipment that’s a shop as well. 

How much it cost for gear in Kathmandu?

Everything in Kathmandu and Thamel is negotiable. Fake and low-quality gear is very cheap in Thamel. The gear you buy for the adventure hike can sell back when you are done with the trek for collecting some extra cask. High quality cost almost like Europe or America cloths also very good.

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Technical Question on the EBC Trek

Will I get call service on the trail?

If you have the international call service you will have service on the EBC trek. There are two main cell companies and you can find 3G and 4G service along the way. Base camp has the best service but the most expensive of Wi-Fi service. There have Everest Link but expansive 500MB data it cost around $6 us.

Is there Wifi facilities on the Everest Base Camp Trek?

Yes, most of the teahouse and lodges have the Wi-Fi service on the trek. You can have free Wifi in the Namche Bazar or free Wifi when you purchase something or have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the place of the restaurant in Namche, But tea house in Namche Bazer you need pay for wifi. As you walk ahead to the high altitude the price of the Wifi also increases.

Can I bring my laptop on the EBC Trek?

There are no problems with bringing the laptop during the trek. I also brought a laptop during the EBC trek.  Namche Bazar has internet access we can use laptop and computer during the way up and down. You can use the iPhone for doing your job for e-mailing, checking about your family is your main concern. Keep in mind that a laptop is a more thing to charge and charging electronics costs money.

How can I charge my electronic device on the trek?

You can charge your electronic device in the teahouse and the lodge where you spend your whole night and also teahouse have the charging concern and the cost is charged by the hour for the most parts. The price of the charging increase as the price increase of the Wi-Fi. During the adventure hike, it is good to carry the portable batteries to keep the electronic device as phone charging. Till Panbouche have electricity no problem for charging after Panbouche village has solar power it takes a long time for charging.

Less asked question

What are the bathrooms like on the EBC trek?

The accommodation is differed according to your budget. In Everest Base Camp one the way Namche Bazar, you are likely to have a nice and modern bathroom. As you move ahead with the increase of altitude everything encounter to a frozen restroom. Be prepared for all of it and also bring your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Are their bathroom at the trial?

After a long hike when you stop for lunch, tea or breakfast during the day there will be the washroom to use. However, most of the people visit the restroom when they are going to starts their further adventure hike and it is very common.

What kind of snacks is available on the trial?

Himalayan region of Nepal is Developed, lack of transportation facilities, so that you may not find the good snacks and also protein bar to be available. Bring those things from your home. Snickers and other candy are easily available as the importance of the energy source if you may not pack from your home. You can buy Sneakers, Mars bar, kitcat, Pringles, Biscuit, coconuts available.   

Can I get and drink Beer on the trek?

Everest beer is available throughout the trek but I don't recommend drinking it. Beer don.t supports the altitude and it doesn't mix and only make our trek more difficult. By drink the beer, the next day we are unable to walk as we are walking. So it is very good to drink and celebrate beers in Lukla for the success of the adventure hike. The taste of the beer is much better while drinking after the beautiful completion of the trek.

EBC -land side

Should I bring my own food on the EBC Trek?

Nepalese food is great and unique which include Dal Bhat, Pizza, Chowmin, Potato item, Macaroni, Yak steak, Noodle soup, Sherpa stew very good food Everest Trekking Region where you can get all kinds of nutrition. However, there is lack of nutrition snacks or protein bar on the trial so it is good to bring required snack and bar which boost your energy if you don't want to eat snickers and other bars.

We have the slogan " Dalbhat power 24 hours no need shower"

Are showers available on the trek?

Yes, the shower is available on the trek. Showers are mostly paying in the Namche have running hot water after Namche Bazer Bucket hot shower but as you walk to the highest altitude the cost of the shower is also increases. Everyone smells together on the trek, the biggest concern is to stay warm anyway and anytime. At the end of the trek having the hot shower baths make you feel much better.

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