Langtang Kyanjin Gompa Ganjala Pass Helambu Trek

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Langtang Ganjala Pass Trek is the challenging and full of wilderness adventure trekking in Nepal route which lays near to the Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal in comparison to other famous trekking routes of Nepal. Nepal Hiking Trek Treks & Expedition takes you to this gorgeous valley having the abundance scenic mountain range, green lush forests, mystic lakes, waterfalls, rivers and multi-ethnic villages of Tamang and Sherpa people.

The trek in Nepal trail takes you to the amazing Langtang Ganjala Pass Trek full of uphill and downhill encompassing Tamang and Helambu tribes who are known for the unique culture and lifestyle in rural Nepal. The snowcapped mountains are there to witness along with the traditions of the host people. The trek starts from the bus driver to Shyaprubeshi of Rasuwa district of Nepal from Kathmandu which is about 120 kilometers. The trekking starts from SyapurBesi passes through the plateau, alpine forests, Tamang community villages nestled in Tibetan Culture and scenic mountains as well as glacier. The ascending walking in the trail takes place leading you towards the beautiful place famous for the Yak Cheese which is called Kyangjin Gompa. This is the beautiful valley situated at an altitude of 3800m. The acclimatization takes place in Kyangjin and followed by the Trekking towards the Ganja – La pass. The views from the pass are of Langtang Lirung and Shisha Pangma, Naya Kanga which was formerly known as the Ganja-La Chuli. The descending trekking in the region from the Ganja La Pass is the strenuous journey part of the region. The snow slope trail would be treacherous until we cross the stream witnessing the gorgeous waterfall leading you to the Helambu Valley. The valley offers you various alternative trekking routes destination from this point of the trail. The Tarkyeghyang, Melamchighyang and surrounding forests destinations would be fascinating for the journey. Once you have embarked in this trekking in Nepal you would be blessed by the varieties that you get along the journey.

The trek in Nepal Come and Book this amazing trekking trip in Nepal which offers nature and people of the Langtang region of Nepal with the expert guidance of the Nepal Hiking Trek Treks & Expedition.

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