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Obviously, Mt Everest trekking in Nepal is where every trekker’s heart lives. Not only because it is the world’s highest peak but due to the fact that no other trekking destination can put up a favorable match to the outrageously enchanting natural scenery which is withheld within its chest. Mt Everest Trekking is not only the designated destination for the nature lovers but is, in fact, a real paradise for the adventure seeker from the various walks of life. It is one of the most thrilling trek routes in the world with a sweet mixture of mother nature’s glory. Mt Everest trekking is itself one great achievement to any traveler who wants to embrace themselves as the one to challenge Mother Nature’s greatest fury at is extreme glory. This route offers its travelers with various trekking experience within oneself. As it offers the trek from the Everest Base Camp trek to the treks in the world’s most extreme trekking routes, there is so much for a trekker to choose from. This makes Mt Everest Trekking in Nepal the seventh heaven for travelers which are worth traveling.

Getting to the Mt.Everest trekking in Nepal is accessible both on foot and by air. If you are planning on getting to the Everest on foot, the road dead-ends at Jiri, an exotic gateway to the Everest region on foot which is just 8 to 10 hours drive from Kathmandu. Alternatively, you can trek via the Arun valley enjoying the beauty of the Everest region to its fullest. There is no availability of tourist buses to these destinations hence traveling in the local bus will be the only option to successfully inaugurate the trek.

On the other hand, if you plan on getting to the Mt. Everest trekking in Nepal by air, you will be taking an adventurous mountain flight from the Tribhuvan International Airport at Kathmandu to Lukla. Depending on your preference you can get to Phaplu airstrip from Kathmandu via the daily flights available. This is idyllic for Everest trekkers who want to take their time keeping themselves amused by the tremendous beauty of this region and the loving hospitality of the Sherpa people living here. The amusement of the extreme airport landing would also offer the magnificent Mountain View flight experience. The visual sights of the stunning mountains from air look awesome. The dwarfed look of these gigantic mountains would inspire you to work further ahead in your life as it enhances the self-belief and confidence in your soul.

Witnessing the world’s tallest mountain and the Himalayan ranges around it along with the rich Sherpa culture would be the lifelong memory tale for you.Mt. Everest  Trekking Nepal would be the best trekking in Nepal experience for you to make. Visit Nepal and get enthralled.

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