Nepal – The Best and Cheapest Holiday Destination of the World

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Nepal is the land of great natural and cultural diversity. The presence of the unlimited wonders of Nature and Culture has made Nepal the choice of numerous travelers across the globe. Be it for the adventure holiday or the leisure Nepal stands out from the rest of the world. The difference in weather, landscapes, and attractions in a space of an hour walk could be the greatest asset of Nepal as the paradise for the holiday destination seekers. The various reports and the frequent travelers of Nepal have time and again stated that the average cost of staying in Nepal is very less as compared to other touristic destination of the world.

It should be noted that in Nepal a wide range of activities could be carried out according to your budget. The trekking in Nepal is the most popular touristic activity which generally encompasses the walking or tramping on the trail leading up to the foothill of lofty mountains like Mt. Everest, Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Ganesh, Mt. Langtang. These mountains carry lots of wilderness adventure attractions from nature to the ethnic culture of the local people residing in the locality. Such package too can be found from 150 $ to 1500 $ on a full board plan basis. This highlights the amount needed for the general tour of this majestic Himalayan nation. For the leisure tour like city sightseeing and other activities like rafting, paragliding, zip flying, and cave exploration the cost is very minimal compared to the destinations across the globe. The transportation, as well as lodging in Nepal, can be found from very low to the high budget. The Backpacking can also be done as there is enough safety and respect for the inbound tourists coming to Nepal. If you wish to do the tour in Nepal yourself without the guidance of travel agency then you can experience the authentic local life in a safe way too. The impeccable hospitality of Nepalese people and the helpful nature of people can be very supportive of people coming to Nepal. So, there are no safety issues to visit Nepal on your own.

For the effective and hassle-free trekking and tour in Nepal, the certified and legally registered trekking and tour agencies are required. It is highly recommended for the trekkers or the general travelers to book the holiday in Nepal via authentic government registered agents. This will reduce the chance of defaming the entire tour and helps you enjoy majestic Nepal without being too concerned about the accommodation, food and transportation in the tour.

If you surf an internet then unlimited price comparisons for the tours can be found. Among which Nepal tour will be the cheapest one. The touristic activities like trekking in Nepal, tour in Nepal, peak climbing in Nepal and expedition in Nepal can be found in competitive prices. If you can enjoy the ancient old architectural monuments, history, culture of Nepalese people and if you can savor the wonderful delights of the Mother Nature (Mountains, Hills, Forests, Rivers, Lakes, Caves, Animals, Birds, Pastures, Waterfalls) in single visit of Nepal in the best-budgeted price than without any doubt visit Nepal. In the very little budget the impeccable hospitality and stunning touristic attractions are guaranteed in Nepal. Visit Naturally Nepal, once is not enough.

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