Restricted Region Trekking: Wilderness Adventure unlimited in Nepal

  • Taralal Dharel ( Hari )
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The trail less explored and the region less visited never fails to surprise the trekkers or explorers with the plethora of mountain madness and unique culture. Restricted region trekking in Nepal trails provides unlimited fun and excitement worth of mitigating the drabness in the routine life. Nepal has trails which are best preserved and restricted to the limited number of visitors only.

There are numerous places where you will be amazed to see other than the Everest, Annapurna and Langtang region of Nepal. The restricted region trekking offers the excitement and adrenaline rush experienced by no one else while also provides the virgin traveling extravaganza. The limited number of the visitors are allowed which presents the noiseless and crowded trails providing you the ample time for the adventure on your own. The tranquility and peace prevail in the region and you can awaken the spirit of adventure. The major and awesome restricted trails of Nepal are Upper Mustang, Manaslu Circuit, Tsum Valley, Ganesh Himal, Lower Dolpo, Upper Dolpo and Rara Lake Trekking in Nepal. If you wish to have the hidden treasures of the natural wonders and cultural richness in the mystical trekking in Nepal trails then restricted region trekking in Nepal. Recently I was on a trekking holiday in Nepal and I went with the Nepal Hiking Trek with whom Mr. Hari Dharel was a fantastic guide while explaining the Ganesh Himal Trekking region. Since Mr. Dharel was from the Ganesh Himal and Manaslu trekking region he explained to me the culture and mountains of the region to the fullest. I became so much admirer of the restricted region of Nepal and I am planning to visit the Upper Mustang region of Nepal trekking for the Tiji Festival. Incoming 2017 calendar of Tiji Festival of Upper Mustang I am planning to visit with Nepal Hiking Trek.

It is very wise to invest in travel and it is even wiser to have the holiday trekking adventure in Nepal as Nepal in its restricted region offers the traditions of the local region as well as the plethora of the mountain madness. Visit Nepal’s trekking in the restricted region for the untainted experience of the trekking adventure in Nepal. 

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