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Current Tourism Status of Nepal


Fellow Travelers across the globe, Nepal Hiking Trek would like to assure that Nepal is safe for traveling. Nepal is the fairyland because of the incessant blessings of Mother Nature. The presence of unlimited mountains which dominates the highest peaks in the world, hills, forests, water resources (lakes, rivers, and waterfalls), paddy fields, caves and unlimited endangered flora, fauna, and animals make Nepal the paradise for the wanderers and explorers. Naturally, Nepal comprises of the unique multi-ethnic and multi-cultured traditions and rituals also. The ancient historical and architectural landmark (palace, temples, pagodas, museums) makes Nepal the heritage as well as a pilgrimage destination. The geographical diversity and natural settings come with the price. There are abundant incidents of force majeure (landslides, avalanche, floods, and earthquake) and political instability. However, it should be noted that all these factors have no effect on the touristic activities.

The steep uphill and downhill are prone to landslides and the snowcapped mountains are prone to the avalanches in glacial rivers. As recently it was reported in international media that because of the April 2015 earthquake the region like Langtang is in risk but Nepal Hiking Trek the authentic and legal company of Nepal would like to assure that the region is safe to travel now. Lots of people are visiting the places safely these days. The political instability somehow has been soft towards tourism and nature too seems to be on behalf of Tourism in Nepal. You can surf the news of local people of Langtang organizing programs bidding the open invitation for the guests to come to their region. This proves that the Langtang now is safe for trekking or tour. Other than Langtang another trekking region of Nepal is not affected by the Earthquake. If you are concerned about your safety in Nepal then you need no fear now. According to the statistics given by the Nepal Government and Nepal Tourism Board, the number of visitors, in fact, has been increased. The prospect of observing the ravaged heritage sites and study about the pre and post-earthquake lifestyle of Nepalese people is the added advantage for the tourists coming to Nepal.

Nepal Hiking Trek values its client’s safety to the fullest. We are tirelessly working towards creating an awesome environment for the travelers to enjoy the majestic nature and serene cultural heritage of Nepal. YOU DON’T NEED TO FEAR. NEPAL IS SAFE TO TRAVEL.

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