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Trekking Tour Nepal, the only Hindu kingdom in the world with its multi-diverse culture and rich history where one can discover the famous Himalayas, lakes, streams and a number of world heritage sites. Every year tourists visit Nepal for trekking tour where they can trek and tour various destinations. The people from Nepal are regarded as one of the most hospitable people around the globe. Sandwiched between India and China, Nepal has forever been a haven of unique flora and fauna which you may not encounter in any other part of the globe.

Trekking means gentle walking or hiking from one destination to another for about 5-6 hours a day (or more) watching the local cultures, getting to know various religions and natural beauty of the surroundings on your way. Nepal is the perfect destination for trekking tour seekers. The country boasts both trekkings as well as touring activities to fulfill your adventurous side. One can trek the highest Himalayas in the world and also go for wildlife adventure tours such as Jungle Safari, visit the Crocodile Breeding centers in Chitwan National Park, see unique one-horned rhinoceros amongst many other animals and birds that can be found nowhere else on the planet. These are the few examples of the diversified vegetations, animals, and birds that are found in Nepal. If you are really seeking for the all in all activities in the single trip that too in the best rates then Nepal is an ideal destination. Multi-ethnic cultural people residing in the remote Himalayas present the unique chance to explore and get acquainted with the people.

From the daunting and legendary Everest region to the diversified Annapurna region including the off the beaten trekking path Nepal is the deity of trekking. UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE Sites to the beautiful Lake City and a plethora of the adventurous white water rapids people can enjoy the wilderness adventure tour activities (rafting, bungee, zip flying, paragliding, etc. as well as heritage and pilgrimage walks. Therefore without wasting any time come and visit Nepal for the ultimate joy of traveling. Either way Trekking tour can be best done only in this diversified Himalayan nation.

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