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Walking holiday in the mountains is one of the perfect choices of spending a holiday for the tourists having different purposes for walking. Nepal offers you numerous exciting walking holidays’ trips. Thousands of tourists visit Nepal every year to celebrate their holidays by walking in the mountain trails witnessing the holy Himalayas proudly standing being covered with snow. Celebrating holidays by walking through different popular religious sites, ethnic groups and their settlements witnessing unique flora and fauna will be an awe-inspiring experience for a lifetime.

Nepal Himalayas offers you shorter to longer walking holidays to suit your interest and time schedule. Walking holiday’s trips will be of 3- 15 days normally. However, the programs will be flexible in accordance with your intention. Shorter holidays hiking will take the walkers to the mountain trails which are relatively closer the valleys and the cities but on contrary, the longer walking holidays take you to the remote countryside which is away from the valleys and the cities.  Whatever the program is, either it is long or short walking holiday’s trips, the sole purpose of walking holidays trips is to take the walkers to the mountain foothills and let them experience an entire insight of Nepal.

Walking holiday’s programs are primarily designed to take the walking enthusiasts to the virgin mountain foothills. The hikers normally have to walk 4- 7 hours a day. They will have breakfast and dinner at the lodge or hotel where they stay and they will have lunch on the way. Walking through deep and dense forest witnessing rare and endangered species of flora and faunas will be mesmerizing. Picturesque landscapes, beautiful valleys, traditional settlements, the natural falls, tranquil and frozen lakes, holy religious and historical sites,  and most significantly, magnificent mountain panorama during your walk will be simply astonishing to your eyes as well as to tour camera.

The researchers, students, archaeologists and whoever is interested is interested in walking holidays programs set by us, we assure strongly that the walking holiday trip will be entertaining as well as exciting. We ensure fun and safety during you walk in the mountain since the trips are led by experienced professionals. Thus, join in the walking organized by ……..unleash the hidden mystery about Nepal. 

Walking holiday best spot in the entire world Nepal. 

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