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Everest Base Camp Trek Accommodation is the most important things that you need to consider while heading out on the trek. Whenever you move for the trekking, the sun will set and you need somewhere to take rest and spend the night.

Yearly more than thousands of the traveler enters in Nepal to be on the base of world highest mountain Mt. Everest.

Before starting the adventure trek to the Everest region you should be well prepared or to know what to expect when it especially comes to accommodation.

You can find many tourist friendly accommodation in the trial of the Everest Base Camp Trek.

Trekking in the Himalayan region is legendary and the adventure activities. Experience of Himalayan flora and fauna, walk through the picturesque village, magnificent views of the world highest mountain, local and mountain cuisine, walk through the bamboo and rhododendron forest, walk through the track of the rivers are the indeed of the Everest Base Camp Trek. During the Everest Base Camp Trek, you have to walk continuous 5-6 hours per day. After a long hike, everyone wants to sleep in a warm bed and have a hot shower.

Accommodation at EBC

Finding suitable Everest Base Camp Trek accommodation is an important part of the Everest Base Camp Trek. If you don't get comfortable accommodation it will badly impact on your trek.

During the peak season (from March-June and September-Mid December) due to a large number of the visitors, it is much difficult to find the better accommodation in these seasons so to get the comfortable accommodation during this season you should book your Everest Base Camp Trek accommodation as quickly as possible.

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Types of accommodation on the Everest Base Camp Trek Trials

Hotel/Teahouse Accommodation

The trial of the Everest Base Camp Trek Accommodation provides you with a lot of tourist-friendly tea house and lodge. And also Everest Base Camp Trek provides you with a teahouse or luxury hotel that suit with your budget. With an increase and developed in the tourism sectors, the accommodation services also got developed and advance. Beside the teahouse accommodation but also you can find the deluxe and luxury hotel on the Everest Base Camp Trek trial. They aren't a hotel in the urban sense as they are lodge but you can get the more comfortable facilities then i.e. comfortable beds with the electric blanket, hot water shower, free wi-fi service.

Teahouse Accommodation

Teahouse Everest Base Camp Trek accommodation is the classic and the popular accommodation in the Everest Base Camp Trek Trial. Most of the teahouse is built and well managed by the local people on the way to Everest Base Camp trek. The teahouse in this region is specially designed to provide the basic facilities for the travelers to take rest and plan for the further and also offer a chance to explore the local community. The accommodation service in the teahouse is basic but still very comfortable. They offer you a basic wooden bed with a simple mattress, a pillow, and a blanket.

Teahouse Accommodation

Every teahouse in the Everest Base Camp has a solar or the electric heater shower but the teahouse on the less trekked trial provide you a bucket of the hot shower. On the popular trekking trail, you'll find the western toilet facilities and even the attached bathroom with 24-hour hot shower service. But as you walk for the high altitude, teahouse only has squat toilets. You have to bath outdoor taps or even with a bucket of cold water.

Teahouse accommodation is a perfect Everest Base Camp Trek Accommodation for the visitor to rest up and relax for the further walk around the Everest Base Camp. Teahouse is also a great place to meet the fellow who is looking for the adventure trip in this region.

Camping Accommodation

Camping Everest Base Camp Trek accommodation is done by a team planning to climb the Mt. Everest. Generally, this types of accommodation are used in the remote region trek like Dhaulagiri, Dolpa, Kanchenjunga and usually tent is used for the accommodation and cooking staff will cook food and many crew members are hired for the different works. Though camping accommodation is the beautiful and amazing experience in the Everest region it normally avoids due to the easily available of the teahouse and lodge.

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Accommodation in the Everest Base Camp Trek Trial

With a well-developed in the trekking industries and trekking business in the Himalayan region, the teahouse has been established and improved within the few hours. Since the 1970s the income from the teahouse and lodge is the income source of the Himalayan region. During the walk to the Everest Base Camp, you can get a lot of chance to stay in different lodge and teahouse.

Though Everest Base Camp trek lies in the remote region the accommodation facilities of here is basic. As the altitude increased the settlement of the people decrease and the accommodation also becomes limited. So during the peak season, you should book the accommodation as fast as possible.


The gateway to the Everest Region. While trekking in the Everest region many people experience the direct flight to Lukla in-order to save time and experience the mountain flight. Due to the weather condition, the flight from the Kathmandu to Lukla arrive in the early morning and many visitors prefer to stay overnight at the Namche Bazar. It does not mean that there are not good accommodation facilities.

There are plenty of standard accommodation facilities and also there is a good quality of the hotel to stay but they are more expensive than the teahouses and also facilities are far better than the teahouse. Many hotels in the Lukla have the balcony where you can view the highest snow-capped peak. Besides this, you can get a welcome hot shower. And also you can hire the local porter from Lukla.

Namche Bazar

During the Everest Base Camp Trek, Namche Bazar is also one of the popular places where you can experience the remote lifestyle, culture, tradition, and religion and also you can find a large number of the teahouse. Namche Bazar is the ending or the last place where you can find the wide variety of the tea house and you can make your own choices.

Namche Bazar is also well famous for the market, bakeries, and cafe where you can have tea or coffee with relaxing. Most of the visitor spend the quality of the time in Namche Bazar after the beautiful success of the trek. Above the Namche Bazar like Tengboche, Dingboche, Lobuche and Gorak Shep you can find the accommodation more basic. The 5-star hotel at the highest altitude in the world is in Near Namche Bazar, Everest View Hotel and also there are many simple lodges, hotel and tea house for your comfortable stay.

Namche Bazar


Tengboche monastery is the largest monasteries in the Khumbu region. From the top of this monasteries, one can view and enjoy the snow-capped mountains. During the Everest Base Camp Trek, many trekkers want to attend the morning prayers at this monasteries so they stay in this valley overnight.

During peak season, the great festival falls so that it can be quite crowded and there are an only limit or few lodges with the basic accommodation facilities in this valley, the food is also basic and you can still find pizza in little price in some lodges. There are also several cafe and hotel which offer you the food and drink during the trek.


Dingboche is also the famous stop during the adventure hiking or climbing. Most of the visitors spend at least one light at the Dingboche for the accommodation. This village also has a few lodge and teahouse with basic accommodation facilities. Most of the house turns into the tea house in this village but during the peak season, you might have to share your room with your friends.


On the Everest Base Camp trail, Labuche is also the famous stay. You can find many teahouses in this village. Generally, the teahouse is comfortable and doesn't aspect anything more than a pillow and the bed if you are lucky you can get a woolen blanket. But during the peak season you may have to share your room with your friends after a long hike in the high altitude you feel tired and in this, it is not a big problem to share the room.

Gorak Shep

Gorak Shep is the last stop of your trek and in this, you can find only 4 tea house with Everest Base Camp Trek Accommodation facilities. So this area has almost crowed and you have to share your room most of the time. During the peak season if you booked as fast as possible you can get the room but if you are late you have to spend the night in the tents or you may have to spend the night in the dining room too.


What is the basic price for the tea house accommodation in the Everest Base Camp Trek Trial?

  • The price ranges for the accommodation in a tea house in the Everest Base Camp is depended upon the season, altitude and accommodation.
  • You may have to pay high cost during the Pack season like March-June and September- December in the Everest Base Camp Trial so be prepared for it.
  • If you are trekking in the offseason the price can be low so don't forget to ask a certain discount on it.
  • Normally the price of the accommodation is between $2-5 per night, might be the basic but comfortable price with the warm hospitality.

More tips for the Everest Base Camp.

  • Always respect the culture and tradition of the local people. People in the Himalayan region are warm-hearted and hospitality. So never abuse their trust.
  • You must be updated with the weather condition. The weather condition of Nepal can be changed unpredictable and frequently change in the high altitude so you might have to change your itinerary if necessary.
  • Everest base camp is in high altitude and the risky trek so you must need to hire the professional guide to success and beautiful completion of the trek.
  • Never tries to take Everest Base Camp Trek lightly while preparing for it carries only the necessary equipment before trekking to this region.

Final thought

Nepal is the beautiful country with the booming in the tourism and on the Everest Base Camp Trail, the local people are still constructing many tea houses for the ease to the trekkers and also in order to earn certain money. Everest Base Camp trail is earning its popularity with the good and better range of the accommodation standard and easy accessibility. EBC trial are well managed and visitors can receive the warm hospitality and service from the local people.

FAQs (Frequently asking a question about the Everest Base Camp Trek accommodation

Are the tea house on the Everest Base Camp Trek always open?

Everest Base Camp is at a high altitude but also you can find the good accessibility of the accommodation facilities.

However all the time the tea house may not be open in the high altitude it totally depends upon the weather condition of that region. To be updated with the weather condition while trekking and also confirm that the local is open or not.

As the increase in the tourism sector, the accommodation and other facilities in the Everest Base Camp Trek is also improving and you can find good accommodation during the trek.

Hot shower is available during the Everest Base Camp Trek or not?

Yes, you can find an easy hot shower in the Everest Base Camp. This lies in the high altitude and low temperature, taking the hot shower might fell awesome and enjoyable. However it is not good to take a hot shower you might be caught as the cold as it is very cold in the morning and freezing at the night, cold will easily cause the altitude sickness.

Hot shower is free at the Namche Bazar but as the increase in the altitude, the cost in these things like the hot shower, accommodation, snacks also get an increase.

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