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Do you love trekking in the mountain region of Nepal? let's go to experience how hard is it to walk Everest base camp trek with Nepal Hiking Trek. Trekking in the Everest region is very adventurous and thrilling activities for you if you are a fan of trekking to the Everest Base Camp then climbing the Mt Everest. Everest base camp trek is not as hard as you think, evening thing you experience whiling walking is very cool.

Now it is a prior question arising in your minds what exactly thrilling while climbing the Mt Everest. Mt Everest is a famous tourist destination has been attracting thousands of the climbers and trekkers every year from the entire world. Being situated at the 8849 meters from the sea level it has brought a number of the obstacles and problems too for the climber while walking or hiking to Everest Base Camp Trek usually at the time of trekking Everest Base Camp.

Climbers /trekkers stay near the base camp situated lower to the Everest. This made the trekker's safety and easiness in order to resolve how hard and difficult is Everest base camp trek to walk.

Around 15 days of the walk you will reach to the lap of the world highest mountain Mt Everest and it's base camp- one of the popular trekking destination in Nepal. the journey to the Everest base camp trek starts from the Kathmandu city- Wel is known as the city of the temples. With the day sightseeing to the famous landmark of the city listed on the UNESCO world heritage sites including the famous Hindus temple, Pashupatinath, Changu Narayan, a Buddhist stupa, Swyombhunath, Boudhnath and city old palace complex including the Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square and many more. Exploring the Kathmandu city, enjoying the local goods and all the requirement for the trek in the Thamel, next morning with the early breakfast you will walk one step closer to the trek with a flight to Lukla from Kathmandu city.

The flight to the Lukla is very short which takes around 35 minutes, but every second of your flight offer you the incredible views of the snow-capped mountains, wonders of nature. You will enjoy the adventure and scenic mountain flight with a wonderful experience. Exploring the typical Nepali village enjoying the stunning backdrops views of the world iconic snow-capped mountain you will walk ahead following the route. On the trail to the Everest Base Camp trek you will cross many scattered village of the Sherpa and Tharu people, experience the walk through the green vegetation, walking the up and down hills, experience the unique flora and fauna of the place and incredible views of the snow-capped mountains.

On the trial, you will also walk through the famous rest spot valley and villages like Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, Dingboche and many more. This village offers you a beautiful environment to explore the mountain village, experience a remote lifestyle. Namche bazaar- one of the popular valley of the event regional famous trade area between Tibet and Khumbu region. With the backdrop views of world iconic mountain, you can also explore the locals, culture, festival, tradition, religion and their lifestyle. Tengboche village –this village is very famous for the presence of the Tengboche monasteries- the oldest and the biggest monasteries of the Khumbu region. Listing the morning and evening chat of the monks add glory to your trek.

You will also reach to the Kalapther- the highest altitude you will reach. Kalapather is attractive views point of the Everest Base camp trek which offers you the clear views of the snowing peaks.

You can view the summit from the top of the Kalapther which is blocked from the Base camp by Mt Nuptse.

Around 9 days continuously following the route will take you to the base of the world highest mountain. You will enjoy the camping while being in the base camp. you can enjoy the incredible views of the snow-capped mountains including, mt Everest, Mt Ama Dablam, Mt Lhotse, Mt Nuptse, Mt Makalu and other surrounding peals, capturing the views of the snowy peak in your camera you will descend back.

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Is it hard to trek Everest Base Camp

Everest base camp trek is the moderate trekking route. It means neither too difficult nor too easy. 7 years kids to the 72-year-old people also trek Everest base camp trek successfully. With the strong desire and wills to reach to the Base camp with the proper acclimatization, resting and food you can complete the trek with the great achievement. These days you can get the luxury Everest base camp trek packages are available for the comfortable trip seekers.

The operators offer you the good trekking packages including you the good acclimatization in the famous rest spots. with the adventure walk through the beautiful green vegetation makes you forget all your tiredness of the trek with the incredible views of the backdrops mountains.

With good physical and mental fitness, one can easily success. Being in the altitude, the Everest base camp may be little challenging but the breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountain will blow your tiredness. With the good resting, carrying all the necessary equipment make your trip better then you think.

The distance of the Everest Base Camp Trek

The total distance that you will during the classic and adventure Everest Base Camp trek is approximately 130 kilometers, means that you will roughly cover 65 kilometers on your way up (or distance cover to reach base camp) and 65 kilometers on the way down(returning from base camp).

You will offer the wide variety of the potion to trek in the Everest or Khumbu region. You might want to visit the Gokyo lakes or Chola Pass or other passes during your adventure trek. the distance that you will cover in this trek will be more that than you will cover in the Everest Base Camp trek.

And keep in your mind, while going to the Everest base camp, you will have to walk to the uphills. In that, you might feel that it is merely 65 kilometers but walking to uphills is more strenuous and difficult than walking in the fast tracks or downhills.

The hard and the difficulty due to the distance while hiking the uphills are different for different people. If you are an experienced trekker or have good physical and mental fitness you can complete the Everest Base Camp Trek in just 12 days but if you are not an experienced trekker or do not have the previous trekking experience it might take you around 14 to 15 day to complete the Base camp trek.

Everest base camp difficulty during the walk

Trekkers might think simpler in your eye, but the fact lies when it gets tougher over each step you move forward. Walking ahead in the low atmospheric pressure and unfamiliar surrounding can put you in difficulties. Many diseases can strick you while walking in the altitude.

You may cause altitude sickness while walking in the altitude. To be clear about it

Altitude sickness

Altitude sickness is also known as the mountain sickness, the group of the problem which sticks at the time while walking too quickly in the altitude.

The major symptoms of the altitude sickness are:

  •  Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Shortness on breathing
  • Problems in sleeping
  • Fatigue or Nausea

The preventative measure of the altitude sickness is :

  • Always starts your adventure journey below the 10,000feet. If you have to fly or the drive to somewhere in the high altitude then stop at the resting spots lower than the altitude you are driving or flying for 24 hours, to get familiar with the surrounding atmospheric pressure.
  • If you hike or walk over the 10,00 feet, then only add 1000 feet or more to hike. Always climbing the 3000 feet the rest least a day to adjust with the surrounding atmospheric pressure.
  • Use the principle climb high and sleep low, to be far from the altitude sickness if you climb 1000 per day then make sure to come down and rest at the lower altitude.
  • At least drink 4-5 liter of the water to keep your body hydrated.
  • Sit far from the alcohols, tobacco and don't eat medications like sleeping pills while trekking Everest base camp.
  • Avoid the heavy exercise for the 24 hours when you saw the symptoms of the altitude sickness.
  • Always carry some bars and chocolates which will provide you with the extra energy to hike in the altitude.
  • Avoid the meat and only consume the balanced diet food including the local and traditional cuisine Dal Bhat which will provide you with rich protein and increase your strength.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, feel or identify the sign or symptoms of the altitude sickness then immediately share with your professional guide and move to the lower altitude as fast and possible.

Starting your journey through the huge mountainous region, your first night may go as usual with fine comfort and satisfaction. But slowly you have to face the challenges and difficulties while walking slowly at the top of the Everest base camp. basically, the route crossing the Namche Bazaar with a full of the local's markets may come to make you relax by your walk and also continuously walking through the forest and rivers will offer you the impressive views of the green vegetation and snow-capped mountains.

, Also be careful about the altitude sickness, collect many advice and suggestion from the doctor about the high altitude sickness and be well prepared to trek in the Everest Base Camp.

Trekking tips for how hard to walk Everest Base Camp Trek

  •  Keep your body far from the altitude sickness
  •  Carry all the required gear and equipment for the trek
  • Carry the route map for understanding the basic route very carefully
  • Take one professional guide and porter for your safety
  • Drink at least 4-5 litres of water while trekking
  •  Avoid the alcohols, tobacco, pain killer while being in the trek
  •  Consume the balance diet foods only and carry some snacks for the trek.

When is the best time to trek Everest base camp Trek?

Normally spring and autumn season is considered as the peak season to enjoy the views of surrounding snow-capped mountains whereas Monsoon and autumn season is the less traveled season.

Spring season includes the March, April, and May which comes after the winter season, the days are very cool to enjoy the walk to the base camp enjoying the natural beauty, green environments, walking through the green vegetation dense with bamboo, pine and blooms rhododendrons forest, crossing the scattered village of the Sherpa, experiencing their warm hospitality, remote lifestyle, exploring their culture, tradition. Because of the clear days during this time of the years, so many visitors trekker to Everest Base Camp in the spring season. The mountains views at this time are very clear.

Spring season is the peak season, many visitors trekked the route, so you may not get the single room in teahouse and lodge during the trek in high altitude easily or you may have to share your rooms with your friends so while trekking this season you should book your room in advance.

Some pros of trekking Everest base camp trek during Spring season are:

  • Beautiful views of the snow-capped mountains with clear skies.
  • Encounter the natural beauty of the region.

Some cons of trekking EBC trek during the spring season are:

  • Busy trial with crowded travelers.
  • Difficult to find a single room, have to pay more amount for using services like telephone, heater, blankest, Wifi and many others.

In this season you may have to face the light rainfalls because the rainy season is near to it so be prepared for it and carry the necessary gear while trekking in this reason.

Autumn season includes the September, October and November months. This season is also one of the best seasons to enjoy the Everest Base Camp Trek. this season comes after the monsoon season so the atmosphere and surrounding environment are very clear and beautiful, walking through the green vegetation, the experience of the locals and cultural programs and festivals, walk through the terrain field and clear and incredible views of the snow-capped mountains are the highlights of trekking Everest Base camp. with the clear views of the snow-capped mountain, the adventure walk during the autumn season will be very achievable.

Due to the good weather and clear skies, many visitors want to trek the base camp in the Autumn season. So that you have the face the problem related to the room as you have to share your rooms with your friends so advance booking is the right option to get a room while trekking Base Camp during the autumn season.

Some pros of trekking Everest base Camp trek during the Autumn season are:

  •  Best views of the snow-capped mountains with the clear skies, and the surrounding environment;
  •  Encounter the local's charming village and wonders of nature.

Some cons of trekking EBc trek are:

  • Crowded trail with dense trekkers
  •  Difficult to find single rooms in the high altitude, have to pay more amount against the Wifi, telephone charges, blankets, hot shower and many others.

Due to the weather is a condition, the visitors are not so excited to trek in Monsoon Season and winter season.

Monsoon season includes the months of June, July, and August. Monsoon season means the rainy season or summer season. In the months the rainfall occurs every day and the route get slipper, you may be hunted by the leeches, bugs and other insects, but the fresh and clean environment, and other beautiful wonders of nature. The route is less traveled on peace you can enjoy the peaceful beauty of the region, if you are the adventure seeker or lover then trekking in base camp in the monsoon season will be very good for you to enjoy both risks and natural beauty.

Due to the less traveled trek, you don't need to worry about the rooms during the trek or you may not have to book the advance room. The teahouse and lodge will provide you with the many services and facilities compared to the services during the peak season, during the room booking you will be also provided with a certain discount.

Some pros of trekking Everest base camp trek during the monsoon season are:

  •  Less crowded route with peaceful environment
  • Beautiful views of the mountains without any disturbance of weather and climatic condition.

Some cons of trekking EBC are:

  • Difficult to walk due to the wet and the slippery route.
  • Disturbance by lichees and bugs during the walk.

Winter season includes the months of the December, January, and February. Trekking to the Everest base camp during the winter season could be very challenging but if you are risking for the risk and adventure moment then this months will be very suitable for if you. As the occasional snowfalls, the skies are usually dark and covered by the clouds throughout the days, very difficult to view the mountains nearby the villages or places.

The snow level in the altitude region is very high and the route gets blocked in that elevation, this puts you more challenging and obstacles on your walk and the temperature also get the drop below the 0 degree Celsius. The day is very cool with the fresh environment you enjoy the beautiful adventure walk to the Everest base camp.

Some teahouse in the high altitude gets closed due to the snow-falls but the teahouse you get will provide you with a good discount and good accommodation and food services. In the high altitude, you will experience the camping due to the close of the teahouse which will make good memories of your walk.

Some pros of trekking the Everest Base Camp trek during the winter season are:

  •  Both risk and the challenging route for the adventure lover trekking in this season.
  •  Incredible views of the snow-capped mountains

Some cons of trekking EBC trek are:

  •  Difficult to get teahouse and lodges in the high altitude due to the high level of snow-falls.
  •  The route usually get blocked in the high altitude.

Trekking in every season has its own merits and demerits so carry all the necessary according to the season you chose to trek for Everest base camp because you may have to face many unknown problems anytime and anywhere.

Some tips to make Everest base camp trek easy are:

  • Before heading to your destination or during the trek watch out the reports forecasts to be prepared accordingly.
  • Make an appropriate reservation for the accommodation so that you may not have to face the problems and difficulties related to these.
  •  Consult your trekking agency for making your permits, booking the accommodation and trustworthy guides and porters for the trek.
  • During the plenty of water during the walk to base camp.
  • Before heading the trek, get travel increases that cover all emergency evacuation to deal with your wore condition.
  • Consume only balance diet food during the trek and also carry some chocolates and bar to provide you with extra energy to walk or hike in the altitude
  • Avoid alcohols during the trek as it causes dehydration. And also avoid medicines like sleeping pills, smoke during the trek.
  • Trek slowly and preserve your energy for the further walk.
  • During the trek don't be so excited and skip the accommodation days these days helps you to adjust to the high altitude, adjust the atmospheric pressure of the place.

Training for the Everest base camp trek

The amount of the hard works you need to trek the Everest base camp trek also determines the hard and difficulty of the trek. so for the Everest base camp trek, you need to have a moderate amount of fitness to complete this trek.

Besides these, the exercise is also a way to keep away the effects of the altitude sickness. You can engage in the various kinds of exercise to prepare for the EBC trek. Swimming, Cycling, Walking, Running and walking are the most popular exercises to keep your body from the altitude sickness that will help you prepare for this trek.

You can also join the gym in order to train your body. You should get more focus to develop the strength of your muscles as you have to trek the high altitude also don't forget to develop strength in your shoulder to carry someday pack during the trek.

Another form of preparation to complete the Everest Base Camp trek is increasing your walking strength by hiking the hills as this will give some idea as to how to make your body adjust to trekking for the longs distance. Then you can also hike around the Kathmandu valley before you embark the trek to Everest Base Camp trek.

Is the trek to Everest Base Camp Trek dangerous

It can be if you don't trek with the guide and porter who will ensure a good itinerary with good rest, acclimatization, of course, good food and clean drinking water but there are no dangers in the terms of the hanging ropes, exposed ridges and so on. If you trek choose the right trekking agency you really need to be aware of is the yaks which are used to carry the goods. They run pretty quick along the walk and you may feel difficult to bit their walk. They are amazing animals, which helps you to carry your luggage and god in the altitude, you'll hear them coming by the sound of their bells hanging in their necks which is your sign to stand off the trail.

Guide and porter

If you don't have a guide with you, you might also lose the track of the trekking route to the Everest base camp trek. the guide will have the excellent ideas as to which part of the trek is little tricky to complete Everest base camp trek. they will guide you through these trial very easily.

You will also face the many problems while trekking Everest base camp trek without a guide. You might also face the accidental slips while trekking the trek. Altitude sickness is also another major problem that you will face while trekking in the altitude. Guides will provide you with plenty of the needed medicine and transfer to the lower altitude if you feel very difficult if such instances occur. You will explore many places exploring their interesting facts with interacting with the locals and some will also provide by your guide.

Trekking with your backpacks mear about 2 weeks might make you feel very tired, lazy and difficult to enjoy your work, cause exhaustion and dehydration and other problems which contribute to the altitude sickness so in this case, the porter will heartily support you and will come in extremely handy while trekking.

So to enjoy the safe, achievable and experienced Base Camp trek guide and porters are quite necessary for trekking.


The trekkers for the Everest base camp trek should keep in the minds about some essential tips, be familiar with the basics knowledge of altitude of the year so that you may not face any complication. With the good physical and mental fitness, previous trekking experience you can enjoy the trek, also with the right amount of preparation you can conquer everything. As long as you are very positive, well-prepared, you won't find the Everest base camp trek hard to walk. Make sure that you have assessed every factor reading the above articles. Considering the hardships and difficulties the incredible views of the mountains you will get in the Everest base camp trek will give you memories of a lifetime and can collect the beautiful experience.

Choose the right trekking agency, choose the Nepal hiking trek for the experiencing and memorable trek in Everest Base Camp Trek 

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