How much does it cost to trek Everest Base Camp?

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Booking a trek/tour online with the private company is certainly the most costly way of arranging the adventure trek to Everest Base Camp. Here are some suggestion for Nepal trekking and tour

How much does it cost to trek EBC?‚Äč Price range per person from $1200 to $5000 for 12-15 days hike to EBC
Price includes: Food and accommodation, permit, mountain flight from Kathmandu to Luka
Price does not include: Travel insurance, Nepal Visa, trekking equipment

The benefits of booking the online trip to Everest Base Camp are if you are for the stuck then everything will be pre-arranged for your arrival. You can arrive in Kathmandu in the day and proceed in your trek.

The Everest Base Camp of booking the trip online is that you should pay a premium for this. You will be unable to choose your guide before.

If you are booking your trip with a private company that notes all included things in your notebook. Something like mountain flight from Kathmandu to Lukla may not mention in your package and you should clarify it.

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Cost of booking a trek online to Everest Base Camp

Be aware:

Nupche Mountain

It is very important to be aware of too good to be the best price of the trek online. That the $900 Everest Base Camp Trek is the well- known agency and might well mean that you'll be joining another larger group which can cause the all sort of problems later on during the adventure hike i.e. at the last time  other route being selected, people showing up, no choice in food and accommodation and many more.
In 2019 local teahouse and lodge increase their food and accommodation price. Some trekking companies are not increasing the price to match the increase by less use of money in the accommodation and meal.
It is also very important to be aware of Nepal's fake helicopter rescue scam which is linked with the very cheap trek offer online in Nepal.

So be very careful while booking the adventure trek online. There is many fake and cheap company offering you the trek in cheap cost in which very service is low quality and also fake.

Trekking tour with an online booking company

The difference between booking online with a private company or online company can be in one:

A booking company sources the best deal with private companies. Some of the private companies are local companies and others are popular and international companies.
Some attention to be taken to tour booking companies when it comes to trekking. Keep the good record of the information like what's included in the price. The merits of the booking company are that they list their prices for you. They have flexible dates for the trekking. The demerits are that you don't know about the guide before you head for the trek.

Packaging tour with a Nepal trekking company

This is also the most popular way to arrange a trek to Everest Base Camp

  • Price range per person from $1400 to $1700 for an average 12-15 day trek.

  • Price should include food and accommodation, permit, mountain flight from Kathmandu to Lukla.
  • Price won't include travel insurance, Visa card, Trekking equipment.

The benefits of booking a package trekking tour to EBC is that you will be safe and taken care of by us. Accommodation will be book ahead and the meal will be arranged during the trek. You can meet your guide before you start the trekking.

Everest Base Camp

The negatives are that you should pay a premium for this and many travel and local agencies try to make your accommodation top rated but the reality is that it is just petty standard.

Cost of hiring a local guide through a Nepal Trekking Agency

  • This is about the popular way to arrange a trek to Everest Base Camp and the cost are broken into two important choices.
  • You can choose either only the guide cost or a package tour. The package tour is the same as listed above. The cost of the guide differs in the only tour.
  • Price range from $600 to $800 if you do bargaining.
  • Price only includes: the cost of the guide

Price won't include Kathmandu to Lukla flight, Visa card, trekking equipment, permit, meal, and accommodation. The benefits of arranging the guide from the trekking agencies are that you can shop around during the tour/trek. The trekking agency will help you to book the Lukla flight if necessary but it will cost extra.

The negatives are that you will need to arrange your own accommodation and meal when out trekking or tour. This is not too hard as it seems. If you are not used to bartering though you might end up spending a little more. It will consume your time for arranging this thing.

The cost of an individual guide to Everest Base Camp

  • Arranging an individual guide means not going through the Trekking agency. It means that hiring the guide from the recommendation or by the street.
  • Price normally range from $400 to $500 while bargaining.
  • Price for a guide only include: the cost of the guide only
  • Price doesn't include: Kathmandu to Lukla flight, visa card, permit, trekking equipment

The biggest negative of hiring the individual guide is that they may not be well-qualified. You need to arrange your accommodation and meal by yourself. You can ask them to see before out to trekking.

The positive of hiring the individual guide is that the cost of the guide can be low comparing to the guide of the trekking companies.

  • Cost of hiring a guide-porter to EBC Trek
  • This also the cheapest method for getting to the Everest Base Camp
  • Price basically range from $400 to $500 with bargaining.
  • Price includes: the cost of guide-porter
  • Price won't include Kathmandu to Lukla flight, permits, trekking equipment, Accommodation, meal.

A guide-porters is a guide who is still training and doesn't have well-qualification. They might not speak fluent English. But they will help you for carrying your luggage, understand you, and also helps to provide you the short cut way to reach to your destination.

EBC Trek with guide

Cost of porter to Everest Base Camp

  • This is also the cheapest method for getting to the Everest Base Camp
  • Price range from $150-$400.
  • Price includes: the cost of the porter
  • Price doesn't include Kathmandu to Lukla flight, permit, trekking equipment, accommodation, and meal.

Porter means the person to carry the heavy luggage during the trek. They are not meant to be guided. Only a few can speak English.

We've seen some traveler hiring the porter instead of a guide to save the money to Everest Base Camp. In this case don't an aspect that anyone can help you during the lost because the porter is not so expert that they can trend you to the way.

So if you have trekked to Nepal or have the experience then you can save your money by only hiring the porter to carry our luggage but if it is the first time to trekked Nepal then you need to hire guide and porter for your safety.

Cost of independently making the trip to Everest Base Camp.

  • It is the cheapest method of getting to the Everest Base Camp.
  • It doesn't include the hiring cost of the Guide and porter. Only You
  • Zero price included aside from accommodation, meal, flight, permit of yours.
  • You can also save your money by trekking through Jiri to Lukla than a direct flight from Kathmandu to Lukla.
  • The benefit of trekking alone reduces your cost and fully independent trek to Everest Base Camp.

Everest Base Camp is that this option should not be taken by those how are trekking to Nepal for the first time. If you got an accident or injured during your trek you really are on your own.

Everest Base Camp on the budget

Everest Base Camp is one of the most expensive treks in Nepal. Of course, the views are spectacular and also you can enjoy the views of the tallest mountain but the price is higher compared to the other trekking in Nepal.

Glacier View Of Everest Region

How can you make the cost of Everest Base Camp Cheaper?

The most expensive factor of this trek is food and the guide. There are some few things you can do to lower the cost.

To lower your cost you can simply eat Dal and Bhat. Rice with lentils. It is what the Local people eat.  It can differ in each teahouse. Yes, you can get bored by eating this but you should eat this for 12-15 days.  It is very cheaper than ordering, chicken, and sausage and also this local food will give you energy for a long period of time.

If you are trekking a guide carrying with the heavy load than don't forget to carry some bar and milk powder. The 500 gram of porridge in Kathmandu cost Rs130 and last for 4-5 days whereas by the porridge in the higher altitude or during the Everest Base Camp Trek cost Rs 500. So by some essential goods from the lower altitude because the goods found in high altitude is very expensive.

To lower your budget you can take the experienced trekking guide and a trekking package. If you are trekking to collect the beautiful experience and memories that trek in Nepal, here you can collect the unique experience of Himalayan flora and fauna, remote lifestyle and many more. But if you are only traveling or trekking for saying yes I have reached to Mt Everest then you can go through the less experience and non-qualified guide. There will be problems with language and more.

The less qualified guide will get you the Mt Everest but the experienced guide will get you to the unique world, to make your journey fabulous and interesting.

Booking the trekking package also helps in your budget, trekking a package means it include the things like meals, accommodation, flight, permit and many more, it means you don't need to worry about the what to eat in dinner, when to fly, where to stay and many more. This all things are organized and managed by your booking agency.

Other cost and budget for the Everest Base Camp Trek

  • Besides from the cost of the guide, porter, and trek you should also keep in the mind about the cost of other things like:
  • Cost of mountain flight to Lukla:
  • The mountain flight from Kathmandu to Lukla normally cost $180-190 in 2019. For guide or porter, it cost $90-100.

Cost of Accommodation on Everest Base Camp Trek: Accommodation along the trials differs. Off-season in the tea house cost 200-500 rupees. During peak season the trail reaches from 1000 to 2000 rupees at Gorak Shep. Price change in off-peak and peak season. In the ending of 2018, the new price was introduced as a minimum of Rs 500 after Namche Bazar. During the peak season of 2019, the minimum cost will randomly make in-order to earn a profit. If you are trekking individual than it may affect you so be sure to get a receipt of every transaction and payment you make during the trek.

EBC Trek-Budget

Hot shower is not included in the cost of accommodation. Though it is included in the accommodation price of the other trek it is included in EBC trek it means you should pay a certain amount like 200-500 Rupees to have the hot shower, cost water shower are easily available with any cost.

Remember that during the off-season the price of the room is very low but during the peak season the price of the room increases as the increase in the altitude. To get the good and luxury room during the peak season you should pay more amount comparatively during the off-season. In many places, the accommodation cost is cheaper as we book the room quicker. The average cost of the room in Everest Base Camp trail is from $5-6. Above that, if you are looking for the good service and heater that you should pay $10-20 per night. If you want to spend the night in the luxury lodge that you should pay from $100-300 per night.

Extra accommodation cost: your accommodation fee does not include this thing like a hot shower. Most of the lodge and teahouse during the Everest Base Camp Trail does not include the hot shower but the cold shower are easily available. A hot shower on the EBC trial can cost from 200-600 rupees per hot shower. In order to save money, people use cold water in their bathroom. You should also pay some certain amount for charging your electronic device. For charging the device an hour cost200-300 rupees and charging the power bank cost 1000 rupees and also you should pay for the use of the internet and Wifi, which is very expensive in this region and though it is the important means of the communication only few tea houses used it. The charge of it range from 200-500 rupees and the service is very slow.

The good things are that you will not be charged from the extra blanket. Electric blankets can cost $15-20 per night in some tea house.

Cost of meal and water during the EBC trek.

Meal price differs as the increase in the altitude. Normally Dal Bhat (rice with lentils) cost 200 at the low altitude and cost 800 at the base camp /high altitude. Price in a water bottle also varies from low-high altitude. One littler of water bottled can cast Rupees 50 at the low altitude and 150-200 at base camp. So if you find a water station, it had not filtered cleaned so bring your own filtration systems or bring water purification tablets.

Cost of Permits for the EBC Trek:  for Sagarmatha National Park ticket cost 3390 Rupees. If you traveling with the agency the TIMS card cost Rs2000 but when you are traveling individually it cost Rs2000. However as 2018 April there was no longer required of the TIMS, the traveler should pay $20 Solukhumbu fees at Lukla. On 2019 it still continues, when you fly to Lukla you should pay a certain amount in the counter and proceed your adventure trek.

Cost of guide on EBC trek: the cost of the guide varies from season to season and you hire from the agency or independently. Minimum price starts from $20 per day, whereas the average is $30 and higher more than $50. The guide should be provided at a higher cost because they have good knowledge, skills and put safety with them. This price is for the local guide. For the online package trekking, the cost of the guide can be according to the agency you are not dealing with the guide.

Cost of guide-porter for EBC trek: the cost of the guide-porter also varies from season to season and from an agency or not. Usually, it cost $20-15 per day.

Cost of porter during the trek: the cost of the porter during the EBC trek is between $15-20 per day (Keep in mind porter are only for carrying your luggage they are not porter)

Porter Cost-EBC Trek

Travel insurance: don't forget to get the travel insurance for your trek. And make sure that your policy covers you from both trekking and traveling more than 5000 meters. The average cost of the medical/rescue hospital starts from$5000 so insurance is most required.

Nepal Hiking Trek is the best trekking agency in Nepal. We provide you the best Everest Base Camp trek package according to your wish and desire. We always try to provide you the comfort and satisfaction. We provide you the guide and porter with good price than others which helps you to make your trip adventure, experience, and memory of each journey. for more details Please Email Us: 

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