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The Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most beautiful and famous trekking journeys in Nepal with the beauty of Himalayas, The wonderful journey to its base camp makes the trekkers the trek of lifetimes, this trek is culturally very beautiful. Experience of Himalayan flora and fauna, Khumbu, amazing mountain peaks and the mountain valley, gorges, ever-flowing glacier rivers, and the glacier lakes are the indeed of the Everest Base Camp Trek.

The Everest Base Camp trek starts from the Kathmandu (the capital city of Nepal). We will commence with sightseeing or the city tour of the capital city i.e. Kathmandu. We will visit the major UNESCO world heritage sites of the city which include Famous Hindu temple Pashupatinath temple, Buddhist monasteries like Boudhanath and Swayambhunath and the oldest palace complex like Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square and so on. Then the next day we will experience a short beautiful flight to Lukla from Kathmandu. The flight is about 35 minute which is very adventurous and thrilling being far from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu city. The Lukla offers beautiful and fresh Himalayan beauty with a fabulous environment. We can also enjoy the beautiful green rolling hills, views of the beautiful mountains and cultural village in Lukla. Further walks the Everest Base Camp Trek takes us through the famous Sherpa villages and their dense settlements which include Namche Bazar, Tengboche, Dingboche, etc. Namche Bazar is the gateway of the Everest region. This valley provides fabulous views of the world highest mountain and the sunset and sunshine views over these mountains. This valley is very famous and the attractive valley of this trek which provides the good facilities and services with the beautiful experience of the warm Sherpa people hospitality, their culture, tradition. We can also enjoy the local dress, arts and the scripture from the skilled local people. The traveler will pass the great day in this valley and also be prepared from the further hike to high altitude by blowing their tiredness by enjoying the natural as well as cultural beauty of this valley. The next day we will move ahead crossing the Sagarmatha National Park which is listed in the UNESCO world heritage site. This park is the inhabitant of monkey, bear, leopard and other rarely available wild animals like red panda and so on. The Everest Base Camp Trek also includes the attractive and the Vantage point of Kalapathar which provides the breathtaking views of world iconic peaks with its entire massif. We can also view the Mt Lhotse, Nuptse and the other surrounding peaks of Mt Everest. We will also make the visit of Tengboche monastery, Khumbu Glacier, Icefalls and the heart touching waterfalls during the trek to Everest Base Camp.

EBC Trekking

Everest Base Camp Trek is a grade in a Moderate trek, people with all demographics can beautifully complete this trek, but you should have the quite experience of the previous trekking experience, no chance of altitude sickness, physically and mentally fit and fine, should have the capacity to walk about 5-6 hours a day. You enjoy the trek with the beautiful walk and the experience of uphill and down hills. The best season to trek in this region is in March-July and September-December. In spring season you can enjoy the beautiful Himalayan flora and fauna, dense colorful forest with shrub flowers. In December the temperature is below zero but the days are stills beautiful and interesting.

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What's it like trekking to Everest Base Camp?

Everest Base Camp Aside from the breathtaking views of the world highest mountain, traveling to these regions also provides the unique experience of the Sherpa culture by visiting the museum and monasteries. The days are filled with beautiful adventure walks. We start our trek from the Lukla which is very adventurous and the dangers airport of Nepal. The flight of the Lukla can be canceled any times due the bad weather, climate, and temperature. We hike more to reach the Namche Bazar the gateway of the Everest region which provides the breathtaking views of the world highest mountain. This valley is the capital of Sherpa people and high influence of Buddhist and Tibetan. The one can enjoy the beautiful moment in this valley with the great experience of Nepali culture and tradition, beautiful Himalayan beauty and prepared for the walk in the high altitudes. We also cross the beautiful Tengboche villages the beautiful village in the Khumbu region. Tengboche monastery of this attract the large numbers of the tourist for trekking and the mountaineering. It covers around 10 monasteries. Namche Bazar, Tengboche monasteries, beauty Himalayan flora and fauna, world highest mountain, trials which follow the up and down with the beautiful landscapes and topography are the indeed of the trek.

When should I make the Everest Base Camp trek?

Everest Base Camp Trek best time March-May and September- December another month year also you can go. If you attend the trek in spring season you can enjoy the beautiful Himalayan flora and fauna with interesting up and down ways. You can experience the beautiful dense forest with shrub flowers. In May the temperature gets hot and there is a high chance of rainfalls so be prepared. In December the temperature raises below the zero the days are stills beautiful and fantastic.

Mt. Everest

Do I need a guide to Everest Base Camp Trek?

The Government of Nepal has made to hire the guide compulsory from now after the death Belgian trekkers in Langtang region June 2012. It is still possible to trek alone but if hire the guide you can have man advantages like paying $25  per days you are giving them valuable job opportunity to them and you can know plenty about the culture and the tradition about the local people. If you trek with the one company they will arrange you everything like airport transfers, accommodation, porter, guide and insurance, TIMS and so on. You will have many advantages of hiring the guide and porter. If you have any problems during the trek they will help you by giving the First Aids treatment.

How do I get in shape trekking?

Though the trek is at the altitude of 5550 meters. People with average fitness can do this Everest Base Camp Trek. This trek is the moderate trek. People of different ages and capacity can complete this trek. Slow and steady is the main key of this trekking. The one should have the knowledge of the Nepal culture and tradition to enjoy this wonderful and beautiful trek in Nepal. The travelers should be mentally and physically fit and fine, prepare for the cardiovascular training in the weeks like cycling, jogging, swimming, rock and hills climbing, lots of walks and also the capacity to walks about 5-6 hours a day crossing the uphills and the downhills and stairs.

What should I take for the EBC trek?

Everest Base Camp Pack lightly- Aims for 10-15kg because you are having the adventure walks in the high altitude above 5500 meters. A down jacket, thermal underwear, A fleece jacket, two pairs of long paints, two-three T-shirt, warm jumper, trekking socks, sneakers or sandals for the evening, boots, raincoat, gloves, woolen hat, sunglasses, sunhat. Good sleeping bags and a tent which is required in EBC. We should include the warms and fleece clothes because the Himalayan gets cold above 3000meters through the year. Sleeping bags are essential if its winter, the temperature is about -20 C of 0 F. Optional goods like sunscreen, lip balm, trekking towel, tissues. Baby wipes are also needed if you can't shower. First Aids box which should include bandages, Medicine for diarrhea, antibiotics, water purification tablets, and a personal water bottle.

Khumbu Glacier

What should I do to be safe on the trek?

Altitude sickness can affect anyone even to the extremely fit. The symptoms of altitude sickness is a loss of appetite, headaches, dizziness, sleeplessness, difficulty in breathing. So carry the required medicine for the altitude sickness. The sunrays are very harsh, so used good sunscreen and sunglasses, long sleeved tops with long pants and scarf. It is good to be vegetarian through the trek because all the meats are carried by the porters from the Lukla due to the non-killing policy in the Sagarmatha National parks. The safest and the healthiest option is to eat dal and that (lentil soup with rice) which includes high proteins and energy. There is a famous saying by the old people that "Dal Bhat power, 24 hours!"

How to choose trekking agencies in Nepal?

It is really difficult and critical decision to make as our journey depend on the management, facilities, and guide. One of the most important things to know about the agencies is registered or with an authorized company like Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Mountaineering Association (NMA). Some company is opened with License so this office should be avoided. Many companies offer different schemes to attract the client. They offer packages in less cost of the same route and your demand may not be fulfilled so check the official pages before booking the trek with the company. Read the customer reviews about the company, experience years of the agencies, safety and health standards, Helpful porter and licensed guide and make the final decision.

How many days does it take to get Everest Base Camp?

It takes eight days to reach to Everest Base Camp Tours and four days to get back down, nine days of long trekking and three short trekking acclimatization days. From your arrival in Kathmandu Nepal and beautiful and scenic flight to Lukla from Kathmandu, you will need 11 days to reach Everest Base Camp.

Can you drive to Everest Base Camp?

There are the few downsides to climb Mt Everest from the North and the climbing skills of the Tibetan are not as well developed as Nepali Sherpa. Nepal side has no drive to Everest Base Camp from the Southside (Nepal) due to the lack of transportation facilities but you can easily drive to Everest base camp from the Northside (Tibet, China). The Everest North Base Camp is much windier and big high than the south side.

Can you see Everest from Base Camp?

Mt.Everest can't see from the Everest Base Camp, from the Kalapathar you can see Mt.Everest, included  Nuptse, Lhotse and the Khumbu Ice Falls.  The summit of the Everest is hidden from its base.  The best views of the Everest summit is from the Kalapatthar near Gorek Shep. Therefore many people hike from Gorekshep to Kalapathar early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise view over the Mt Everest.

Do you need to train for Everest base camp trek?

If you are walking out up and down hills carrying the 8kg backpack for 3-6 hours a day in once a week you can succeed the trek with the beautiful experience. You can also increase your training by doing the exercise like jogging, cycling, swimming and so on which will helps you in the high altitude.

How much is it cost to Climb Mt. Everest?

An Everest climb starts from $ 35,000 but some may charge $45,000 or more than. Mountain permit begins at $10,000, the price is based on the number of the expedition. And also include the salary of the Sherpa guides, cook and porter to get you to the top of the Mt. Everest.

Is Everest in China or Nepal?

Everest lies in the border of Nepal and Tibet (China). It lies in both Nepal and China side. In which the north face is of Tibet and the South face is of Nepal. The world highest mountain is named as Chomolungma by Tibetan and Sagarmatha by Nepalese. Mt Everest is Nepali mountain.

What is the actual height of the Everest Base Camp?

The Everest Base Camp height begins with the trek to Everest Base Camp at 5380 meters/ 17600ft on the south side of the Everest in Nepal. Traveler usually flights from Lukla (2860 meters/ 9383 ft) from Kathmandu (1400 meters/ 4593 ft) and passes through the Namche Bazar (3440 meters/11286ft).

How many miles is the trek to the Everest Base Camp? 

The Everest Base Camp distance covered from Lukla to Everest Base Camp is about 38.58 miles or 62 kilometers which takes 8-9 days walks in and 3-4 days walk out. Walk in is slower due to the extra days needed to be prepared for the walk in the high altitudes.

What is the dead zone on Mt Everest?

The dead zone is named by the mountain climber where is not the sufficient oxygen for a human to breathe in the high altitude. This is usually above the 8,000 meters / 26,247 ft. About 297 people died in the death zone of Mount Everest.

How far can you see from the top of Mount Everest?

From the top of Mount Everest you can see the things, roughly the same size of Germany, Japan on the perfectly clear day, with perfect vision and without any disturbance and obstacles. We can view about 340km far from the Mt Everest in all direction. 

Is Everest Base Camp Trek dangerous?

The Everest Base Camp Trek is graded in the moderate trek and not considered as challenging trek. It's one of the most popular trails in Nepal with the stone steps and the dirt entire the way. In this trek, high altitude sickness is very dangerous. Everest base camp is at the 5380 meters which pose the danger if it is not handled properly.

Can I climb Mount Everest for the free?

As previously it is almost impossible to climb mount Everest completely alone but now you can climb mount Everest independent with no oxygen, Sherpa or cook support but using ladders and ropes on the south side. For one person it cost at least $20,000 from the South or Nepal side and a bit less from China.

How much should we pay to trek Everest Base Camp?

Package tour with a Nepali travel agency which is the second popular way to arrange a trek to Everest Base Camp. Per person, price ranges from USD 1400 to USD 1700 for 12-15 days adventure hike. Price includes permits, flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, three times meal, tea or coffee.

How do you train for the high altitude trekking?


  • Do exercise to increase your capacity, physically and mentally fit and fine.
  • Go swimming to improve cardiovascular endurance.
  • Do cycling and biking to improve your cardiovascular endurance.
  • Walk about 3-6 hours a day once a week at up hills and down hills carrying the 8kg backpack to remain healthy and to increase the skills and capacity.
  • Do jogging to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Is it Safe to trek in Nepal?

Nepal is a safe country. However, there is the possibility of petty crime in this country too. Our travel expert will share advice on how to stay safe while traveling in the country.

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How do I get from Kathmandu to Everest base camp?

The Everest Base Camp Trek easy and quick way is to fly from Kathmandu to Lukla and walk a couple of the days to reach the Namche Bazar the capital of Sherpa in the Khumbu region. You will spend a couple of the days in this valley to prepare yourself for the walk in the high altitude and then it takes 5-7 days to walk to reach Everest base camp.

How do you prepare for the altitude sickness?

  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Don't smoke.
  • Stop and rest where you are.
  • Climb high at the day and overnight at low altitude.
  • If you have a headache, take paracetamol in the time.
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
  • If you see the symptoms of altitude sickness take the medicine in time.
  • Avoid exercise


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