Is Trekking in Nepal Safe?

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The Trekking in Nepal is a beautiful country of Mt Everest, Lord Buddha. One can experience the natural and cultural heritage of the country, panoramic views of the snow-capped mountain, explore the monasteries and Gompas of the Himalayan region. Every adventure trek in Nepal makes you familiar with the local culture and tradition, remote lifestyle, flora and fauna and many more. Nepal is the Himalayan country with many beautiful mountain destinations for experiencing the mountain hiking so some unavoidable problems occur but also more than 1,00,000 foreign enter to Nepal for trekking. The biggest upset that the traveler on the trek experiences the snow storm and snow blast.

Through La Pass, the highest pass of the trekking in Nepal Annapurna Base Camp and during the October 2014, 40 people lost their life buried under the snow and many people are lost during the hiking and many blamed that the local guide who led them to the danger without aware about the danger. Many news were forecasted on these.

The authorities in Nepal blamed the unprepared backpackers, heading for the mountains without proper planning, equipment, and properly trained mountain guide. All this factor plays roles in the disaster but the main culprit is smugness.

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Weighing up the risk

The Annapurna Circuit trek is the adventure hike into one of the most challenging environments on the Earth as from the electronic device such as mobile charging to the Mars bar above the 5000 meters. The attractive and the highest pass of the trekking in Nepal is Thorong la Pass (5416 meters). It is one of the challenging passes in Nepal so the one should take 4-5 day rest to reduce the risks of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness). During the months of December-February, this route to the pass is closed due to the high snow-level and high possibility of snow-slide.

Trekking In Nepal-Everest

But in the fair weather, the climb is no more risky and dangerous than walk to the other mountain. If you take the proper rest and avoid the risk of AMS you can enjoy the gorgeous views of the world highest mountain of Annapurna Ranges, Annapurna South, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Manaslu and Few others and also offers the breathtaking experience of what life is like for mountaineering. By enjoying the singles moment without the danger of dangling at the end of the rope.

The Trekking in Nepal risk in the mountain region is always present like the weather gets changed unexpectedly, avalanches, snow falls, snow slide, rock falls can occur at any time; it is possible to be trapped by the disaster, lost during the trial this will mainly occur due to the poor or unpreparedness of the guide, authorities, and visitors too so the visitors should keep the detail information about the place where he is planning to hike.

To protect and be safer from this natural disaster the government of Nepal advice and promised to create a new weather warning system and suggest all the traveler and hikers to carry the GPS navigation system ad a local guide to be safer and make the beautiful walk to the destination without any problems

While trekking in Nepal if the trial is closed but the weather condition is good then think that the authorities are killing your time but if the trail is opened and the weather condition is bad then think that the authorities are accused of putting the trekkers in the harm ways. Good benefits could come from increasing the awareness of the possible mountain risk in the trekking area and things that the trekkers should do them self to reduce the possible danger on the trek.

Respect weather and climate during the trek

Nepal Hiking Trek, we tend our guide about the possible difficulties and danger during the trekking in Nepal, they are well informed about the dangers of the Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), we provide the well-qualified, knowledge, and skills guide to protect you from the danger during the adventure trek. Most of the traveler plan their vacation trip to avoid the sudden increase in altitude, taking the proper rest to reduce the danger. The traveler should keep the detail information about the possible danger of the trek like the symptoms of the AMS and shouldn't ignore this symptom and have to face HAPE (High Altitude, Pulmonary Edema or HACE (High Altitude Cerebral Edema). However many visitors couldn't give the answer about what will you do if the weather and climate of the region turn bad, so always carry guide to rescue from difficulties.

Lukla Airport

The weather is the biggest risk factor for hikers in the mountains. You are always recommended to check the local forecasts before you set off and get an update from the local people. The Trekking in Nepal peak season is from October to December and March-April which offers the best weather and climate for the trekking. But the natural disaster like storms and rain can occur any time so be sure that you will make a good plan and prepare for the trek.

During the adventure hike in the altitude, when the weather condition turns bad the human need is for shelter. Hypothermia can occur within an hour if you face the rain and cold climate and if your body it not treated in the right time it can lead to death and other serious problems. Due to the environment of the Himalayas, every visitors should be aware of the symptoms of the hypothermia and have to keep some medicine for it.

Dress for the condition.

The Trekking in Nepal dress is very important factors to be safe from the different condition. If the visitor wears the warm clothes during the adventure hike, he can be safe from the bad weather, cold climate like wearing the water and air proof jackets will protect from rainfall and wild wind. Wearing the hat will protect you from the suns storms. Wearing the warm gloves and boot will protect you from Frostbite.

All your required materials for the trekking is very cheaply available in Kathmandu and Pokhara both a new one and a second one. Walking in altitude wearing the T-shirt and Sort will protect you and during the sunset, you can wear all season clothing to be safer.

Yak-treks in Nepal

Seek Shelter

Another life-saving kit from the bad weather is survival bag which includes the Sleeping bags and the lightweight piece of plastic which keeps your body temperature above the critical level if you should spend the night outdoors. The important of the Shelter should never be underrated: with a roof over the head or the tent with warm sleeping bags protect you from the bad weather and climate, temperature. So always carry the required materials during the trek to Mountain region because you can face any unexpected disaster, so be prepared.

You should always keep this question with the supportive answer: When will I take shelter?  Will, you set up camp or wait until the conditions get good or too bad? Write in a note of the teahouse and lodge you just pass and how far you are from the nearest shelter so that you can feel safe and the one always see going back is safer than going forward to the next ledge- that might be open or not.

If this all thing fails then look for the other things that offer you the Shelter like a cave, huge rocks, the stupa, a hollow of the ground.  To avoid hypothermia you should keep your body dry and warm and be far from the wild wind. To protect from the wind snow cave can protect you so dig the snow cave if there is no other option. Keep your body warm and if you can fire then fire to be warm, boil the water and store in the thermos(water bottle) and tries to keep your body dry and warm to avoid the many diseases.

The emergence of water and food

when start trekking in Nepal, You should know the answer to the question that how long can you stay without eating food and drinking water. Normally people can stay Two weeks without eating and can stay 2-3 days without drinking but the extreme dehydration can cause serious problems within 2-3 days. If you see the water station during the trail. The water of that environment is not safe and pure drinking the water can cause extreme problems.

You should carry the purification system or water purification tablets (Iodine) to drink the safe water. If you don't find water station you can melt ice or snow in the bottle. If you eat the un-melted ice it will lower your body temperature. While trekking in the mountain region you should always carry iodine or water purification tablets and as the food goes carry some snacks, a chocolate bar to gives you the extra energy in an emergency.

Trek In Himalaya

Know the Terrain

The Trekking in Nepal Another important tip to be safer from the mountain problems is the local advice. While traveling to the mountain region you should hire a guide to rescue from all the problems. They are well familiar with the local people and can ask about the weather and climate of those places, possible disaster in that place to remain safe and enjoy the trek. You should always carry a GPS system and the map of the base but they are poor than carry the one who is well-familiar and well-known about the terrain and landscapes and where you are going. On any trek to Mountain region make sure to let some people know the trial you are taking and when you will return back because nobody will come looking for you if you don't share your information and they don't know that you are missing.

We won't tell you don't hike alone but it is riskier than going with a guide or friends so that you have someone to share your experience of nature, environment, and your problems and they can help to get safer. So I advise you to go with a guide or with some friends make you safer and can enjoy the trek.

Sunrise at Mt. Everest

Don't be ruled by your schedule

Never let your schedule overrule your safety.  Rigidly sticking to a plan of the condition lead fast to the trouble so always put some extra days in your trekking plan. The weather, temperature, and climate of the Nepal change unexpectedly, your mountain flight can get canceled for 1-2 days due to bad weather and climate condition then your extra days covers these but if you don't have extra days that you cannot catch and cannot goes according to your single day plan. You'll have a beautiful and enjoyable trek without stressed and if you finish early then you can enjoy and explore the extra days and enjoy the world's most beautiful scenery.

Make the adventure trip plan with Nepal Hiking Trek, one of the best local agency and provide with an experienced, qualified and trained guide. Our guide will be always ready to rescue you from any problems and sickness during the trek, helps you to make the beautiful and memorable trek within a short period of Nepal. We are working to make our client satisfaction and comfort. If you have any question to ask then you can mail us:

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