Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Do Manaslu Circuit Trek

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Manaslu Circuit Trek is the legendary and beautiful trek with the heart touching view of Mt Manaslu, the 8th highest mountain of the world with the height of 8163 meters. The Manaslu trek takes you through the diverse landscapes, beautiful and mind-blowing experience of Himalayan flora and fauna. The route of Manaslu circuit trek is getting more popular due to the adventure walk through the mountain vista, a unique combination of culture, biological diversity, and walk with an altitude from 600 to 5500 meters.

Manaslu trekking is done in the east of the Annapurna Himalayan range and offers a unique environment, enrich with biological diversity, the beautiful combination of the cultural heritage, breathtaking views of Himalayan Flora and fauna which makes Manaslu region one of the legendary and best trekking destination in Nepal.

Here are 10 reasons why you should make a holiday trip to Manaslu Circuit Trek

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Attractive Views Of The Himalayas

View from Manaslu Circuit

During the Manaslu Circuit Trek, one can see and enjoy the gorgeous and heart touching views of Mt Manaslu, Himalchuli, Annapurna region  and few more mountains, beautiful and diverse landscapes, beautiful Himalayan flora and fauna with the unique ethnic culture, which makes your trip memorable with the unique experience of natural as well as Himalayan beauty.

With the gorgeous views of the snow-capped mountain, this trekking also provides you with the attractive and beautiful vantages point known as a larky la pass. This pass is also the highest pass of the Manaslu trekking which provides the gorgeous views of the snow-capped mountain with the heart touching summit

Challenging Pass

challenging pass

Manaslu Circuit Trek provides with the attractive and the beautiful vantage point which provides the breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountain like Mt Manaslu, Annapurna ranges, Mt Himalchuli. This is the highest and the challenging pass and also most chosen trekking destination in the Manaslu region which offer the rich cultural heritage, beautiful Himalayan flora and fauna and incredible views of the Mt Manaslu, Annapurna range and few more

Less Busy Trial With The Fewer Trekkers

Kids In Manaslu Circuit

Manaslu Circuit Trek is the less traveled and the less popular trekking destination than Everest Base Camp trek and the Annapurna region trekking but the trekking destination is very suitable for those who want to be far from the busy, crowd and hustle and bustling life of the city. Manaslu circuit trekking takes you through the encounter Himalayan flora and fauna. The isolated and picturesque village encounters you with unique culture and tradition. You can see less number of the traveler in this trail. However, October is the busiest season for the adventure trekking in Nepal because you will be an encounter with the gorgeous views of the snow-capped mountain, beautiful Himalayan village, picturesque and the charming village but you can find less number of visitor comparison to the other trekking. This trekking is the best package for those who don't like the busy trail and want to explore the place which is less visited and touristic and less commercial.

Remote Lifestyle

Manaslu Circuit Trek Life

Manaslu Circuit Trek takes you through the picturesque village in-rich with the local culture and tradition. You can also enjoy the charming village, their lifestyle, local cultural program, explore the ethnic group, tradition, religion, and culture. You can also enjoy the diverse range of ecosystem, the remote lifestyle, high influenced of the Tibetan culture and tradition, fantastic scenery of the world iconic snow-capped mountain. Many villages (purity of the environment) are untouched by the modernization and the commercialization. So you can enjoy the fresh environment, from last year the area untouched by the modernization get more popularity but in this area the unique culture and tradition of the ancient people are still preserved and following so making the adventure trip to the one who wants to explore the ancient culture and tradition, charming village with the fresh environment surrounded by the green forest, world highest mountain and diverse landscapes will make your trip more interesting, memorable and full of experience.

One Of The Best Remote Trek In Nepal

Best remote trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is the remote and the off- beaten path trek in Nepal compared to the other tea house trek. The trail offers you the gorgeous views of Himalayan flora and fauna, picturesque village in-rich with local culture and tradition, take you through the dense green forest of rhododendron and alpine, following the track of the river, through the breathtaking waterfalls cutting the beautiful hill, views of the unique and diverse landscapes, crossing the deep gorges between the two snow-capped mountains. This trekking route offers you diverse and scheduled topography. No wonder you will make the beautiful adventure trip with a fabulous experience.

Beautiful Cultural Experiences

Experience of Manaslu Circuit Trek

During Manaslu Circuit Trek is the adventure journey, everything you encounter in the trek gives you the likeness of the Tibetan and the Buddhist culture. The local people of this region are able to preserve the local and ancient culture and tradition by being far from the modernization and commercialization which has not touched the purity of the environment. The region enriches with several monasteries and can see several monks learning this related education. You can also visit the Tsum village to enrich with the local culture and tradition, this village is also known as the hidden valley where you can get the beautiful experience of the pure culture.

You can visit the several monasteries during the adventure trek to Manaslu region, among them Mu Gompa is the largest monastery where you can enjoy the warm hospitality of the local people and also you can see the bunch of the sacred cave where the big master Milarepa had meditated. Buddhist are a major religion and you can see the biggest monasteries, culture, and tradition. Most of the culture and tradition are influenced by Tibet. Manaslu region is bordered by the two river one is Budhi Gandaki and another is the Marshyangdi river which boosts the Gorkha and Manakamana, the famous and the beautiful temple of Nepal.

Less Expensive Trip

Less expensive trek

Though the Manaslu Circuit Trek is remote and the trial is very off-beaten but the combination of the highest mountain makes you trip favorite destination all over the world and another good thing about the trek is that it is less expensive than the other adventure trek in Nepal. In comparison to the other trek, food and accommodation facilities in the Manaslu trekking is less expensive. The cost of the accommodation will increase as the increase in the altitude and the infrastructure development and facilities decrease however the price of food and accommodation is relatively cheaper than trekking in the other region.

High Altitude Freshwater Lakes

Lakes at Manaslu Circuit Trek

The Manaslu Circuit Trek region is enriched with the freshwater lake above the altitude of 3500 meters where you can see the rare bird and aquatic animals like a migratory duck which is a very rare species found in this region. The famous and the attractive lake which you cross during the Manaslu circuit is Phunkar, Birendra Tal.

Side Trips Arrangement

Arrangement for manaslu circuit trek

The Manaslu Circuit Trek can have several side trek and destination which can be reached after two hours while making the adventure Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal.  Birendra lake, Pungent Gomba are some of the side treks that can be taken while on the trek. However, this side trek is without of teahouse, lodge or hotel so you have to return within the reasonable period of the time and complete your initial trek. The best season to trek the Manaslu region is September to November and from March to June because you can make the beautiful experience and memorable trekking in this months, the days are very romantic, charming and beautiful for the adventure journey.

Manaslu Conservation Areas

Monastry at manaslu

Manaslu Circuit Trek is the government of Nepal started to protect the Himalayan flora and fauna and important and beautiful area and sanctuary with the name of Manaslu conservation area which is the home of several animals and birds. It is extended in the area from 1400 meter to 8, 156 meters at Manaslu region. And also conservation campaign started as the project looking after the conservation area of this region is named as the Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP). And the visitors are not allowed for hunting and killing the animals within this area.

With its amazing scenery, rich culture, religion, and tradition. Manaslu Circuit Trek is increasing its popularity. One can make the interesting, experience and memorable journey by trekking in Manaslu region and Nepal Hiking Trek is always ready to help you to fulfill your dream. We provide our client with complete satisfaction and comfort. Nepal hiking trek is a trustworthy and experienced trekking agency in Nepal. So book your trip with us and feel safe and just enjoy the adventure journey with us without any disturbance. If you want to ask anything related about hiring Nepal Hiking Trek or quality service then please mail us:

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