Trekking solo in Nepal with its drawback

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Is it safe for a solo trip to Nepal?

Trekking in Nepal is a very beautiful experience and also one of the most popular activities. The country rich in culture and nature has the most breathtaking exploring destination.

Both Solo and group treks are possible in Nepal. Many trekkers are trekking alone every year. It is said that for more than a half-century, trekkers have been enjoying solo trips in the Himalayas in Nepal. For nature lovers, who want to conquer every corner solo, want to be alone and experience the work, they prefer solo trekking in Nepal.

Trekking in a group can be exciting but solo trekking in Nepal can be very experienced on its own. Enjoying the alone walk, far from the hustling and bustling life of the city, enjoying the nature views and sound, far from noise and pollution. Solo trekking in Nepal has its points advantages, and disadvantages but these things don’t stop trekkers from trekking solo.

Nepal is one of the safest trekking destinations in the world, applying the right preparation and precautions, you can safely trek solo in Nepal.

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Things to know before you head to Nepal?

Before you head towards Nepal for the solo trip, there are certain things you should consider knowing, to avoid the bad experience and enjoy the stunning views of the Himalayan. The first one is Travel insurance- it is a good thing to have one just in case you experience some ups and downs moments in the trek, such as covering your hospital care. Good travel insurance doesn’t cost you a lot but it can save your life.

Be physically fit and fine, trekking in the altitude means you need lots of strength and energy to trek, so it's good to do some exercise before 3 months of your trek, exercise should include cycling, swimming, jogging, yoga, and many more.


Risk of Trekking Solo in Nepal

Trekking solo means you will face many ups and downs moments, so here I have listed some disadvantages of trekking solo. Be prepared for it:

Fear of getting lost:

The first thing you will face while trekking in Nepal is getting lost. Walking in the wild and there is no one to check your map reading and show you the directions, losing the track is the main problem, learn about the wilderness, and trek the trip in a group. There is also a compass for a beginner to show you the right direction. But a map and compass should be always with you.

Though GPS is an efficient and easy one, a map and compass should be always with you. There is a poor connection to the net. Even with good navigation skills, nature can turn you down with the wild wind, fog, overgrown paths, snow cover paths, and many more. So the danger of getting lost in the wild is a common problem of trekking solo in Nepal which can put you at risk as well.


Mentally drain

Trekking solo means all you have is yourself with you. Trekking through the remote area of the Himalayas gives you loneliness, you have no one to share your feelings, no one to talk with, no laugh, and many more. This mental drain of isolation is the main disadvantage of trekking solo in Nepal.

Trekking alone without talking with others becomes so boring, walking in nature without any sound of the city, no noise, makes you feel lonely and mentally unstable. You will have the fear of walking a long distance to reach the target. To avoid this feeling it's good to have a music player or book reader which helps you to fade all this negative energy.


Carrying your luggage

Trekking solo, you don’t have any helper (Guide and porter) to carry your luggage and your goods such as water bottles, bags, food, cameras, etc. you have to carry your all great on your shoulder. So carrying a heavy load throughout the day by yourself will make you feel more tired and slower in the walk.

Reaching the target within the times, carrying the luggage by yourself will be very challenging for the solo trekkers.


Attacks of thief

While trekking in Nepal, there are very rare cases of humans attacking the trekkers but we cannot neglect this one, sometimes you might face the same if you are all alone. Do you mind being rubbed or looted by the people? Here I don’t mean that you should avoid the people, be friendly with them by keeping a certain distance from new people. Also, avoid hanging with the people, you just get to know. The solo trekker seems to be attacked more by the humans.


Getting injured

The weather is unpredictable at a high altitude, natural events like snow, rain, flood, falling rocks, trees, wildfires, and many more disasters can occur anytime. While trekking alone in nature and there is no one supportive of you or giving you the information about it, it is high risk for you to trek alone. There is a high risk of facing one of these, so be prepared beforehand. Sometimes your mind gets ill or has altitude sickness, sometimes the route can be very tough, so don’t choose the challenging trekking route which can take your life while trekking alone. Know all about first aid, or it's best to complete first aid training as you will be the only one to look after you when you are ill or injured.


Attack of animals

Trekking through the forest or alone on the route, you will encounter many wild animals. There is a chance of being attacked by wild animals so be aware of it and prepared earlier, as there is no one to protect you. Be good with all humans as well as animals, and avoid teasing or playing with it.


Things to avoid while trekking solo in Nepal

If you are trekking alone in Nepal, here are some things that you need to avoid from being the victims of crime. The main thing is not to flash the amount of money or don’t let the people know that you are wealthy. In many parts of Asia, there is the common misconception that all Westerners are rich, this is the case in Nepal as well. Showing your wealth means you will be the target and be the victim of it.

Avoid walking alone late at night, get a taxi or public bus rather than walking alone. Though the city is safe it can be dangerous walking alone late at night.

Try to understand and respect the culture of the locals, be very friendly with the people, and give and take respect from them.


Choose the safer accommodation and clean food and water

Where to stay and what to eat should not be neglected when it comes to personal safety in Nepal. There are numerous hotels, guesthouses, and hostels in Nepal, where a majority of them run smoothly and safely. Most of solo trekkers like to stay in a budget hotel and guesthouses beside luxury ones in Nepal.

You should still be very careful when you are choosing a guesthouse. Several guesthouses and hotels are listed on Trip Advisor (one of the trusted sites). If the luxury hotel is out of your budget choose a good guesthouse for your safety.


Note 1: if you are a solo female traveler, then here are some things you should avoid for safe travel in Nepal. If you are a solo female, then having a male guide can be dangerous, I don't mean that every guide is dangerous, but there is a high chance that something could happen, it is good to be safe and to trek in a group of other female trekkers or with your partners.

Wearing dresses that reveal your body can lead you to big danger, so avoid wearing short skirts or short dresses at any cost.


Note 2: Solo trekking in Nepal is not recommended. To avoid the above-listed risks and disadvantages it's good to go with a professional guide and porter, one will lead you in the right direction, talk with you, share everything that comes the way, and help you to carry your heavy luggage and lead your trip very smoothly. Trekking with the guide means no need to be weary about anything as they will prepare for you.

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