When can you trek in Nepal?

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If you are planning the adventure trip to the Himalayan of Trek in Nepal and wants to Know the best season to visit Nepal, well it depends on you when to make the vacation trip in Nepal because there is no absolute best time for everyone, your Himalayan experience will depend on how you fill, about the crowd, busy road, your tolerance about the heat, cold, wind, humid. Each season has its own merits and demerits, you should able to choose the season where you feel comfortable, you can enjoy the days without any health issues and other disturbance. So you should choose the best season with Nepal hiking trek to enjoy your vacation trip in Nepal.

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Spring (March-May) Trek in Nepal 

If you want to make the adventurous trek in Nepal  in little warm temperature, blooming flora and temperature days then spring season is the best season because the environment is very fresh, the flora is very pleasant, the rhododendron blooms and put the pleasant color to the hills, the forest changes its color to the green. Early spring in the Himalayan tends to be little chilly with wild temperature in the low elevation (800-2000meters), making trekking in the region such as lower Annapurna is very pleasant. Winter is a fade away and spring enter, temperature above the elevation of 4000 meters have moderate temperature, sunny and warm days, sky and weather condition is clear.

why to trek Nepal

Considering the spring season as one of the most beautiful seasons to trek and climb the mountain. Not only the moderate temperature, clear sky and the constant weather condition this season also provides the fresh natural beauty of the country, beautiful Himalayan flora with the peace chirping sound of the birds, one can make the beautiful, experience and adventure vacation trip by choosing this season.

Merits for the spring season

  • The temperature in the lower mountain reach between 16-25.C.
  • Warm trekking condition in the days and warmer night.
  • Snow during the winter is melting away by the April and clear paths for the high pass over the 5000 meters like Larky La Pass, Thorong La Pass, Chola La Pass, and few others.
  • Clear skies in the spring and less chance of postponing and cancellation of the flight in mountain district like Lukla.
  • Fewer trekker compared to October-November which means more chance to explore the remote lifestyle, culture, religion, and tradition.
  • Great season to trek the Everest Base Camp or other trekking in this season because the route is very clear and less crowd.

Demerits for Spring Season

  • As this season is closer to the summer season, it got more hot and sweaty in the lower altitude.
  • During the afternoon the days are very clear and sunny but the morning and night can bring clouds and may put obstacles in our adventure hike.

Recommended trek in the spring season

Spring season is the best season to make the adventurous trek in the Annapurna region and Everest Base Camp trek because you can see the rhododendron in full bloom, warm weather less chance of route block by the snow, sublime trekking condition.

Trekking In spring

Summer (June-August) Trek in Nepal 

The summer season usually brings monsoon rain during the late May to mid – September so it is not recommended to trek in this season in Nepal. With the monsoon comes the high temperature, uncomfortable condition. The mountainous region is usually surrounded with the clouds and the lower route is generally muddy with a large number of the leaches.

However, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy the fresh Himalayan flora and fauna from June to August. This time is the best time to trek in the Kanchanganga region. Mt Kanchenjunga is incredible this time of the year, protected from the monsoon and high on the Tibetan plateau, enjoy the dry climate throughout the summer months with clear sky and weather condition and stunning scenery.

Merits for summer trekking

  • An ideal condition in the Kanchenjunga region, protected from the monsoon, opportunity to explore Tibetan culture and stunning mountain scenery.
  • View of the mountain without the crowds, enjoy the beauty.

Demerits for summer trekking

  • The moon in the Himalayan leads to the wet and humid condition, muddy trials, obscured views and difficult route to make the adventure walk.

Recommended trek in summer

  • Embark on a summer adventure in the Kanchan Ganga and experience the remote and beautiful Nepali culture, tradition and religion, remote lifestyle.

Autumn (September- November) Trek in Nepal 

This season is the best season to make the adventure trip to Nepal. This season brings fantastic trekking condition, moderate days, and clear skies. After the monsoon dust and pollution is clear this season brings the crystal clear views during the route, beautiful Himalayan flora and fauna views, breathtaking views of the world iconic peaks and so on. This season helps to be more familiar with the Nepali, its culture, tradition and also you can get the great chance to explore the Nepali great festival and other cultural programs.

The best time to make the adventure Trek in Nepal starts around mid-September, Once the weather settles down the days are very clear with blue skies bright sun that lasts as in spring, when the cloud built up at the afternoon. The December months are very cold comparing to the other autumn season, the temperature is below the freezing but the days are still charming and beautiful. In high altitude during this season warm gear and tends is most required.

Merits for Autumn Trekking

  • Days are warmer and night are colder in winter
  • The weather is stable, sunny, with clear skies and crystal clear views
  • The temperature in the lower mountain reaches about 15-24.C
  • Demerits for autumn season trekking
  • During the better weather, more travelers come busy route and crowd during autumn season trekking in Nepal.

Autumn Trekking

Recommended trek in the autumn season

Embark the autumn season-best Trek in Nepal  Annapurna (Annapurna Base Camp) and Everest (Everest Base Camp and Kala Pather) region to enjoy the crystal clear views of the world iconic mountain with the charming village, remote lifestyle, culture, religion, breathtaking Himalayan flora, and fauna.

Winter (December-February) Trek in Nepal 

In winter season it is little difficult to make the adventure hike in high altitude trek in Nepal. The days are sunny but during the night the temperature is below the freezing. Day time the temperature range from 9-25.C and at the night the temperature falls below the 0.C. if the temperature doesn't bother you, it is great time to hike in the higher altitude like Everest region because in these time the traveler is very few, the route is not busy and crowd you can make the memory and experience trek hiking in this season. Our New years and Christmas treks in Nepal are always popular for this season.

The morning may be foggy but the afternoon is usually started by clear with occasional snow in the mountain. The snow length in this season reach in high and the route in high altitude like Thorong La Pass in Annapurna region, Everest Chola Pass Trek, Renjo La Pass, Kongma La Pass usually got closed from December- March months.

Merits for winter trekking

  • The clear route, a fewer traveler in the trek
  • The sky is usually clear during the day
  • The great time to explore the remote lifestyle, visit the monasteries, and other historical and cultural place.
  • Demerits of winter trekking
  • Many high passes are closed due to the snow coverage
  • To trek in this region required more planning and preparation but rewards are worthwhile.
  • Recommended trek for winter

Trekking In Winter

Explore the lower Annapurna region to be comfortable and enjoy the beautiful views of the Annapurna range.

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