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Which is the best months to trek in Nepal is a little tricky question? Nepal might be the smallest country in the world but it is also a land of extreme, with the availability of all kinds of the season, biodiversity, country's terrain ranges from the fertile terai ranges at 700 meters from the sea level to the highest point on the earth, The Everest at 8848 meters. Nepal trekking season is generally known best as two seasons before and after falls the winter season. Before the falls of winter season includes the months of the September to mid of the December. During this period of the months have the pretty good climatic condition not too hot and cold, clear visibility of the snow-capped mountains. Another peak season to trek in Nepal is after the winter season when the sun getting more warmer than winter in the springtime many visitors visit the Himalayas of Nepal to enjoy the comfortable and warmer climatic condition. In this season different types of the flower blooms, trees gain the green new leaves and ground with the small green weed gives you the beautiful experience and also the best season to climb the snow-capped mountains.

The season which comes after the falls of the spring and autumn is sadly best avoided by the visitors through this month brings the growth and freshness. Monsoon season includes the months of the June-August, which is also known as the rainy season. Trekking in Nepal you will experience the unique diversity applies to the weather pattern or the different seasons of the country.

The Terai region of the country is humid for most of the year being near to the equator, the temperature of the region can rise up to 45 degree Celsius during the summer. The middle hilly region has a moderate climate with pleasant weather throughout the year. The Himalayan region of Nepal has an alpine climate with very cold winter and huge drops in temperature above the 3300 meters altitude.

Technically you can go trekking in Nepal any time you like. There is no restriction. Trekking in the different regions of Nepal makes you familiar with unique landscapes of that region, different environment and experiences. Also trekking in the different season brings you some different challenges and problems so before trekking Nepal you should be well prepared for it. Normally the season is divided into four groups where the two seasons are considered the best season. Here we will discuss all season of Nepal.

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Best season to trek in Nepal

 Trekking in Nepal in Spring season (from early March to late May)

Early March to late May is the peak season and considered the best time to trek in Nepal because of the warm sunny and cool days.

 There are the few chances of the winter rainfalls but almost day, the atmosphere is very beautiful and dry with quite a beautiful environment and views of the mountains, offers the different varieties of the wild flora blossoming of the rhododendron about the 3000 meters and hunting paradise during this season, which make the walk to the highest altitude more comfortable, interesting and achievable. It is mildly warm at the lower altitude and a quite moderate temperature at the higher elevation over 4000 meters which provides the excellent views of the snow-capped mountains.

 As this season is the best time of the year, there will be more crowd in the trekking trail. This time is also considered the peak climbing season because the temperature during the day is very warm and quite good.

Lots of the trekker trek the region in their light clothes. The weather is quite warm and sunny with breathtaking views. During this season, the sky is so clear that you can enjoy the great scenery of the surrounding snow-capped mountains.

Some prons of trekking in Nepal during the peak season are:

  •  A pleasant walk with warm trekking condition during the day and warmer nights.
  •   The days are longer during the months of March and April.
  •  Less chance of flight cancellations in a mountain district like Lukla
  •  Fewer trekkers comparing to the Autumn means more chance to explore the remote side of the Himalayas.
  • The snow melts away by the Aprils, clearing paths for the high mountain passes and beautiful views of the surrounding.


Trekking in Nepal in Autumn season ( from mid-September-Mid December)

Mid-September-Mid December is also considered the peak seasons to trek in Nepal as it offers the crystal clear views of the mountains full of snow. Even though this season is the warmest season but you will feel more comfortable, will feel splendid temperature and surrounding with a great time and during the night the temperature won't be at freezing as it is during the winter.

Due to the pretty weather and climatic condition, many visitors enter Nepal in order to trek. in these months you will experience the beautiful walk through the green vegetation, experiencing the blooms rhododendron, wide varity of the mountains flora and fauna. The sky is very clear and offers clear crystal views of the snow-capped mountains without any weather condition. This time is basically the post-monsoon periods, until the cold of winter water fas during the December, there is no rainfall at all. These make this the best time to go to trekking in Nepal. with the beautiful adventure experiencing there will not be other natural hazard disturbance so this season is considered the peak season to trek the mountain region of Nepal.

And also highly recommended the best time for trekking in Nepal is between the mid-September to end of November for both hiking, peak climbing and adventure trekking.

Some pons of trekking in Nepal during the winter season are:

  •  Breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountain without disturbance of the weather
  • The weather is stable and sunny
  •  Days tend to be very warmers.
  •   Beautiful opportunity to explore the local cultural festival with unique dresses and program.
  •  Trails are covered with the greenery and dust-free environment.


Trekking in Nepal During Monsoon season (from June, July and August)

Rainy or summer season is also known as the monsoon season, starts from late May and ends in the months of the August. This season comes with a high temperature, uncomfortable condition. The high mountain region is normally covered with the clouds and the lower trekking region are generally very muddy and slippery. Besides this, you can still experience the glory of the Himalayas during the monsoon season.

Usually, in the months, Nepal receives a huge amount of rainfalls, all the dust of the vegetation and pollutants of the atmosphere is swept out due to the rain. You can enjoy the fresh, green environment with the incredible views of the snow-capped mountains.

You will enjoy the very walk of the trek without any crowded and noisy trail, the temperature during this time is quite stable but be prepared to face some difficulties as the trial is quite slippery, while walking you may be disturbed by the bugs and leeches so carry the necessary gear and equipment to enjoy the trek in Nepal during the monsoon season.

 Due to the geographical diversity, some region and trekking route lies in the rain shadow. It is the best to trek in these season during the monsoon seasons. Trekking to the rain shadow region like Manang, Mustang, Dolpa region of Nepal lies in the rain shadow area. you can enjoy your walk in the warm temperature and climate.

Due to Nepal's topography, rain often occurs at the night and resulting in the beautiful morning scenery.

The excess rainfall can provide you with plenty of chance to see the spectacular views of the waterfalls.

Also trekking in this seasons offer you the beautiful environment to enjoy the photography, higher valley views covering with the blooms flower and green vegetation give you the perfect time to capture the natural beauty of Nepal.

Pons for the summer trekking in Nepal are:

  • With the warm weather climate, you will get the beautiful opportunity to explore the Tibetan culture and stunning high Himalayan scenery.
  •  Dust and pollutant-free environment.
  •  Village and trials have far fewer trekkers then trekking in the spring and mountain season, which means you can enjoy the beauty and solitude of the mountains without the crowds.

Trekking in Nepal during the  Winter seasons (December, January and November)

For most of the trekkers, it feels very cold to trek in Nepal but if you are crazy adventure lovers and seeking for both adventure and risk journey the trekking in the Winter season is very season for yours. Normally the average day time temperature can range between 9-12 degree Celsius and the average temperature during the evening can be a drop below the zero temperature.

If the cold weather doesn't bother you, then it is the best time to trek the most popular trekking destination as Everest region because you can see far fewer trekkers around the trial compared to the Spring and Autumn season.

As in the lower altitude trial, the temperature remains quite pleasant. Christmas and New Years trek in Nepal is always very popular for this reason and you will also get a good discount due to this occasion.

Normally in the high altitude morning can start foggy, but the afternoon is very clear with occasional snow in the mountains. You can enjoy the incredible views of the mountains during the afternoon time when the sky is pretty clear. But due to the high level of snow-falls, the high passes such as Thorong La Pass (5416 meters) in the Annapurna region, Cho La (5335 meters), Renjo La (5420 meters) and the Kongma La (5545 meters) in the Everest region usually closed from late November to early March.

Pons of trekking in Nepal during the Winter season are:

  • Trails have very fewer trekkers comparatively during the peak season like Spring and winter season.
  •  Expected accommodation with discount rooms and other facilities.
  •   Peaceful environment and beautiful time to capture the scenery of the snow-capped mountains, to explore the villages.
  •  The sky is often very clear and beautiful during the day.
  •  The monasteries and gompas in the altitude are great in the winters and also the fresh snow on the hills is great for photography.


Best months to trek in Nepal

Normally in the year Nepal experience the four-season, they are Spring, Summer, Autumn and winter season. As well discuss all season in Nepal now we will discuss the best months to trek in Nepal.


Months of the September fall in the Autumn season which comes after the moths of the August. September is listed as the peak season to trek in Nepal due to the stable weather and good climatic condition. As the rain of the July and August swipe all the dust of the environment and pollutants of the atmosphere offer the clear skies with incredible views of the world iconic snow-capped peaks. The route is also very good, covered with the green vegetation. You will experience the green vegetation, blooms rhododendrons and dense lush forest of the bamboo and pine. September and October are the months of the major festival like Dashain and Tihar so you can also experience the culture and tradition along the green hills and clear blue sky. This month is best to trek in Nepal for the crystal clear views of the mountains, normally mid-winter is the end of the monsoon season so there will not be rain, the weather is pretty good as windy cold and summer heat which makes the trek easier, risk-free and very comfortable.


Mid-October is the best time to enjoy the adventure trip in the Himalayan region of Nepal as it offers the stunning views of a snow-capped mountain, green hills with lush forest and blooms rhododendrons, clear blue sky and fresh air. October falls under the autumn season (the peak season to trek in Nepal). Most of the adventure lovers and visitors visit Nepal in this month and especially the popular trekking destination like Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek and Langtang Trek. In this month, days are usually warming and night is colder as the maximum and minimum temperature will be 20 degree Celsius and -10 degree Celsius respectively but the temperature varies according to the trekking or route altitude. The climate in the Himalayan region in Nepal is unpredictable, it may rain in October too but believe it that it doesn't affect the trek as the sky becomes clear as the rain stops and it doesn't rain much during this time. Everyone wants to enjoy the adventure trip during the months of the October so the route may be busy however you will never regret trekking in the Mountain Region of Nepal.


Autumn season is the peak or also known as the trekkers season in Nepal as the temperature is very favourable and offer the beautiful environment to enjoy the trek in Nepal. November is the end of the autumn season and starts of the winter season so that temperature decreases slightly cold but the days are still warmer, beautiful and clear. Trekking in Nepal during the November season offer you a wonderful experience. You will have an amazing experience of the topography, diverse landscapes, nature, snow-capped mountain, cultural and traditional diversity. The sky is also blue and clear, you will not get disturbed by the snowfall, rainfall and leeches. Especially the moths of the November is also categorized as one of the peak seasons to trek in Nepal.


March falls under the Spring season (best season to trek in Nepal). after the end of the winter season, the march months falls and begins with the warmer temperature. the grass and trees on the hills adopt the leaves, turn green and trend to blossom, the days are usually longer and warmer in the moths of March but still be cold in the morning and at the night. In the early days of the march, you will encounter and experience the occasional snowfall but trekking in the day is very perfect with beautiful environment. The sky is pretty clear and you can enjoy the clear crystal views of the snow-capped mountain and blooms rhododendrons in the hills. Due to the warmer temperature, the trekking route in the trekking region is quite busy.


The months of April is also a perfect month to enjoy the trekking in Nepal.  The weather in this months is slightly warmer than March months at the lower altitude and moderate at the higher altitude of the trekking region. With the beautiful weather of the day, the sky is also very clear, you can encounter the village, explore the cultural and tradition program, the remote lifestyle of the locals with a very peaceful environment. The weather and climate of the April months are just perfect to enjoy the sightseeing and exploring the wonders of nature, can experience the flower blooming on the hills, forest full of the blooms and colourful rhododendrons with the mind-blowing chirping sounds of the birds. Trekking in Nepal during the April offer you the incredible vires of the milky mountains without any weather disturbance. April months is also the festival months of the mountain region so you can encounter much beauty of that region.


The months of may is the end of the spring season and starts of the summer or monsoon season. It is also one of the best seasons to trek in Nepal. you will experience the warmer weather while trekking in Nepal during the month of May. It also offers the breathtaking sunshine and sunset views over the snow-capped mountains. The climate is still beautiful, the sky is very clear which make your trek more amazing. Trekking in the months of maybe the best for the memorable, experience and pleasant trekking in the mountain region of Nepal. Mid pay is the pre-monsoon season so you may experience the drizzling rainfall and visibility problems of the clouds and also the possibility of fight delay as the sky remains cloudy and unclear all the time so be prepared for these.

Some highlights of best season trekking in Nepal are:

  •  Beautiful views of the milky mountain without any disturbance of weather and climatic condition.
  • Experience the walk through the green vegetation, lush forest blooms flower and rhododendrons listening to the melody sound of the birds.
  •  Encounter the typical Nepali village enrich-with culture and tradition, experience the remote lifestyle.
  •  With the good weather and climatic condition in the peak season, the temperature is also quite stable, neither too hot and nor too cold.
  • Can experience the famous festival of the locals while trekking in the months of September, October and April.
  • While trekking in the peak season, the sky is very clear and offer fresh environment beauty.


You will get the wide variety of option for choosing to enjoy the adventure trekking in Nepal as if you want to enjoy an adventure trip with the green and fresh natural beauty you can book your trip in the spring season or if you want to enjoy the monsoon climate and risk lovers then book your trip in Monsoon season. You will also get the option to trip in the autumn season if you want to trek the crowded route experiencing the locals festival, programs, clear sky with the incredible views of the Milky mountains or if you are the adventure, risk and challenging lover then you can book your trip in the Winter season so that you can experiencing the snow-falls, capture and encounter the adventure and tough walk to the mountains with the cold climate and weather.

This all-season has its own merits and demerits so choosing the best season all prepared for the trekking by packing the necessary gears and equipment. Nepal weather is unpredictable so also know each day temperature and weather condition of that trekking region so it will help you to adopt the atmospheric as well as weather condition.

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