Why do people do trekking?

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Trekking, as most of us may not know, it is a way of life. Some people look trekking as a sport, some as a hobby and some do trekking as a weight reduction program. But not us. We trek to learn about our life, about our surrounding nature and about ourselves.

Why do people do trekking? For fun? Of course: but also to challenge ourselves as well. We challenging ourselves not by the thing we become arrogant but be humble: not to get success but to learn, not to show off to others but t look inside, to feel and know ourselves. There is a popular saying from Sir Edmund that "it is not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves". So we don't trek because we can but we trek that we want to.

So let's start. Let's learn to trek. Let's smile!

Trekking or hiking is the perfect outdoor activities all over the world. It is one of the basic activities on which many other activities like camping, or rock climbing are based. There is so much more than you can do when you go on a hike. The main factors that determine these are your preference, budget, location and the like Nevertheless.

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Here are some main reasons why do people do trekking around the globe

To be with nature

One of the best reason for the people trekking, to experience nature. You will found that it's mostly city dwellers that like to trek. During the trek or hiking a lot of the locals folk stare you in the surprise. "You came all the way from the other side of the country to climb these hills and mountains". You will also experience and explore how the city folk is deprived of Mother nature. Being far or away from the city, you will entre to the remote site and in midst of nature which gives you the precious chance to breathe the fresh air, lie down in the fresh and beautiful grass, adventure walk through the dense alpine and bamboo forest and many other wonders of nature.


Trekking doesn't simply mean to climb the hills and mountains, many people are crazy for the photographs, where some are crazy to enjoy the close views of the mountains facing the difficulties and altitude problems.  Many photographers climb hills simply to take the pictures that they can't get that pic or shoot from the anywhere else. Every step of your walk and every moment you experience in the mountain is a beautiful opportunity for the fantastic pictures and views of the sunrise over this mountain, hills from the different angles. The thrill of clicking pictures of the beautiful nature, hills, and mountains and showing it to your friends and family saying "I was there" make you the precious moment and it is unmatched!.

To challenge yourselves

Many trekkers enjoy the challenging that the adventure trek presents to them. The adventure trekking is a highly rewarding activity, but to make it more adventurous you have to the wiling to put some effort. The adventure trekking in the mountains region can challenge a person on many different levels and in different wages like mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and because of this challenging and feeling the trip to your destination is succeed with beautiful experience and achievement.

Far from the busy life

Leaving work and all your day to day activities for the adventure trips give you a beautiful opportunity to take and enjoy the break from the work and other obligations. Instead of facing the endless traffic, and crowds at your favorite place, shopping center but during the trek you will enjoy the peaceful environment, facing the tall snow-capped mountains, rushing the rivers. Enjoying the give you a beautiful time to forget all the stress and frustrations in your life.

To overcomes the challenging

If you are adventure lovers and like to face the challenges, the hills and the mountains are probably the best places to do so. Hiking to the mountains and hills are non-judgmental, they never make fun of you strength that you need while hiking, they don't disqualify you if you struggle, they do not belittle your effort if you take longs time to reach. While hiking or trekking, you can be your own person. The hills and mountains you hike offer you some challenging and the beautiful opportunity to reach your aim. Once you have reached your destination or compete for your journey and that has been achieved, you will get the boost of your life that no one can take away or steal from you!

To get mentally and physically fit

Mentally and physically fitness doesn't always come easy, sometimes, you have to make a certain hike or go to the distance simply to be mentally and physically fit. For lots of fitness seeker, trekking is a great option or incentive. The paths of the fitness required the mindset or positive things and a great amount of the motivation, both of these the trekking offers you when hiking the hills when you can walk in the mountains. The feeling of the loneliness, boring all will be washed from your mind and fresh your soul with the romantic feeling of nature while trekking.

 To explore the history of a place

Attending the trek can take you on a journey through history takes you through the lands that the locals traversed thousand of the year before you. Through the course of your trek, you will learn more about the locals, their culture, tradition and the changes in the planet's natural history, you can also explore the ancient gompas and monasteries and hear stories about it during a trek.

To mind fresh

An adventure trek may provide you with the beautiful and perfect opportunity to clear your mind, offer you the new way for your life. If you are facing some problems for the life decision, a trip away from your busy life can help to make and choose the right decision, you may get the chance to make the new friends on the trek that can help you to think more professionally.

 To create awareness

Some people use treks to launch a cause or raise awareness of the particular issue and also to involve in such activities to create awareness about several things, which helps to create the awareness about the climate changes, some climbs to spread awareness about the other ideas such as empowerment of the women in the remote region and it is very effective simply because of such trek. You can also use your trek to gather the information about important issues that you are passionate about, whether it is a local issue.

New Experience

Traveling to new places provides you with the beautiful experience of the natural as well as cultural beauty and also presents you the new and exotic experience. Your adventure hike may take you into direct contact with the new culture, the experience of warm hospitality. This gives you an excellent way to experience the unique cultural traditions first-hand.


 Reason for trekking in Nepal

Mountain scenery will just take your breath away

Mountains are not just a big black rock with the painted or covered snow. Mountains are a symbol of a stairway into heaven. Walkthrough the surrounded by the mountains, you will get a wonderful feeling of walking among giants. The walk through the dense green vegetation, the experience of the beautiful Himalayan flora and fauna, crossing the isolated village takes you to your final journey, which offers you the mind-blowing views of the snow-capped mountains as it is very satisfying and amazing.

Trekking is full adventurous

Trekking is just a beautiful overrated activity. During the walk, you will interact with the people of different origin, know their culture, ethnic, religions, with the beautiful experience of this warm hospitality, with the traditional cuisine. For a few days, you will be far from the hustle and bustling life of the city, you will view the soaring peace with a peaceful and beautiful environment. Only by trekking and traveling to the new places can give you the experience of the true beauty of nature and also of course of the motherland.

Trip to the friendly people

Nepalese people are very friendly by nature and even taught by their religious belief and tradition to trek their guest as the god a. there is also a famous saying on this "Athiti Dewa Bhawa" which means that the guest is another form of the god. Along the adventure trekking trail of Nepal, Nepalese people will help you to get to the right direction by following the short cut way, provides you with the delicious meal and drinks. Their extreme carrying and friendliness will blow your minds and create a beautiful feeling among them.

 Jealousy trip for your friend and family

If you ever visit Nepal, then you would see an incredible bonding of human and nature. In the cold Himalayan region, locals such as Sherpa lie together with the often inhospitable nature and still alive and spending a precious and happy life. The breathtaking views of the green vegetation and wonderful scenery of the mountains, the friendly attitude of the Nepalese people and the state of nature compel you to tell your friends and family how wonderful and adventurous it is. You just wouldn't be able to stop to explore and trek and your near and dear ones will soon get angry and jealousy as why should only you have such a wonderful experience trek? So to enjoy the moment and be safe than sorry, you should just plan a trip with your family and friends to enjoy every step of your journey.

Far from the hustle and bustling life

As our daily schedule is we wake up at the same time early in the morning, dress up for the job and follow the same route for every single day. Nothing gonna change and nothing out of the ordinary ever happens. You will just have an exhausting and boring life, but if you choose or ever want to go trekking in some new and faraway places, which has only breathtaking mountain views, then Nepal is the right choice as the friendly locals who worship nature as gods provide you with the chance to explore the beautiful nature. You will have incredible mountains views if you chose the right trekking destination in Nepal.


Why you should do trekking?

  • It makes you fearless
  • It cleans up your soul and minds
  • It provides you with the beautiful experience of the lifetimes and lets you live in the very present moment.
  • During the trekking, you will know 'journey is better than the Destination' as its true
  • It makes you fit mentally and physically.
  • Get you close to yourself.
  • Trekking helps to enhance your love of life and nature
  • It makes your regular life better
  • It gets you out of your comfort zones
  • It makes you more spiritually connected with yourself
  • It gets your body in shape

As trekking in Nepal offer you the adventurous and memorable experience within the remote area, you will not only view the stunning views of the snow-capped mountains but also it makes you the beautiful experience of the mountains flora and fauna takes you through the suspension bridge-one of the challenge and the adventurous bridges in Nepal, crossing the dense green forest of the bamboo and pine-covered with the dense blooms rhododendrons, walk through the scattered isolated village-offer you the beautiful opportunity to explore the locals culture, lifestyle, experience their warm hospitality, remote lifestyle, enjoy their cultural program, tradition cuisine and many more. These aspect helps to make your trip more beautiful but another important aspect that helps to make your every step of the journey more beautiful and strong is choosing the right trekking agencies. Choosing the right trekking agency will help your trip more adventurous and memorable for the lifetime.

So chose the good and longtime experienced trekking agency so that they can organize your trip more beautifully as Nepal Hiking trek-one of the best trekking agencies in Nepal with the longtime and good experienced. We not only organize the trip but also tour around the popular city that you are interested to explore.

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