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We have 1600 Nepal trekking agency Kathmandu,  Nepal is the country of infinite natural and Himalayan beauty. It is the home of the world highest mountain peaks and also the home of Lord Buddha. Nepal is very rich in local culture and tradition and they are quite unique, diverse and wonderful. Nepal culture is spilled into the arts of different forms like cultural festivals, customs, and others. The capital city of Nepal is Kathmandu which is also known as the city of temple/capital of cultural heritage. Kathmandu is the perfect sightseeing city tour because you can visit the major heritage which is listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites which include the famous Hindus temple like Pashupatinath temple, Buddhist stupa include Boudhanath and Swayambhunath stupa and the old palace complex like Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square. So Nepal is a very beautiful and adventurous holiday destination. While visiting Nepal, you not only get the experience of cultural and natural heritage you can also experience the adventurous and breathtaking views of the world highest mountain of the lifetime.

Nepal is considered as the best trekking destination in the world. Many people from the world visit Nepal to explore in the natural and cultural heritage of Nepal, to make the breathtaking experience of the snow-capped mountain. If you are also planning to make the holiday trip in Nepal then read the given written article at the 7 reasons why you should hire trekking agency in Nepal to make your trip more exciting and organized.

Nepal Trekking

One should be very careful while choosing trekking agencies. There are many trekking companies in Nepal in which some of them are opened without registered with the government and hiring such companies can put you in problems while trekking. So you should always choose the trustworthy company which is registered with the government of Nepal and have the valid license from the government organs like Nepal tourism board, trekking association in Nepal, Nepal Mountaineering Association and Nepal Rastra Bank and so on. In case if you book your adventure trip with the fake company which doesn't get the license, registered with the government than you should face many problems like difficulty in obtaining permits and other services so always make sure that the company you hire is good and always alerts on it.

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Hiring Trekking Agency in Nepal has the advantage for first timers

Nepal Best Trekking Agency

Nepal is a very beautiful country to make an adventure holiday trip. You can be familiar with the new environment especially if you are a solo traveler. If you are making the first experience trip in Nepal with the trekking agencies you can get many advantages from it. Good trekking agencies in Nepal make sure that you get the best service while traveling in Nepal. By hiring a good trekking agency, you can understand the culture and tradition of Nepal and also able to communicate with them. Hiring the trekking agencies to reduce the hassle of dealing with the new, reduce the chance of scam. You can also make a beautiful and memorable experience and also can adjust comfortably if you hire trekking agency in Nepal.

Hire trekking agency in Nepal for a hassle-free and memorable experience

Trekking with the local agency in Nepal is more hassle-free than trekking without. If you hire trekking agency in Nepal, you can not only save the time and effort but also be spared the frustration dealing with various hurdle by yourself, you can be confident about making the adventure trip in Nepal. Traveling alone without hiring the local trekking agency should burden of dealing with each hurdle by yourself. But a good trekking agency will manage all the required things like permit, arrange the accommodation and transportation service and also arrange the best visiting site. All your required things like food accommodation, hotels are arranged by that office so feel free and don't be worry about your extra problems. You will be free and spend our time in Nepal by doing sightseen or enjoying the days rather than running around to get a permit or accommodation arrangement. A good trekking agency also provides the fluent English speaking guide and porter for guiding and carry your luggage during your trekking in the mountains. If you hire trekking agency take care of your domestic flight in case of delay or cancellation. You don't need to worry during the walk in the high altitude because the trekking agency you hire will be provided with a guide which has good knowledge and experience.

Obtain permit easily if you hire the trekking agency in Nepal

The process of getting the permit in Nepal is a very slow process, it is very time-consuming. Thus when you hire trekking agency in Nepal, they will arrange your permit. By hiring the trekking agency you can save your valuable time and enjoying other activities, like sightseeing and city tour in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and so on rather than waiting in the government office. The local trekking agency in Nepal will also arrange the lodge, teahouse or hotel requires permit cards of the places and also manage and take care of the necessary documents.

You can get better security if you hire the trekking agency in Nepal

Cultural Tour

Many trekking agencies in Nepal are very qualified, they have the good experience of the route of the adventure/mountain trekking, well familiar with the local culture and tradition of the people, and have very good experience of mountain trekking. They may have trekked in the mountain more so that they know about the safe way to make a walk, short cut way and other so if you hire the trekking agency in Nepal you can make the great experience rather than trekking alone. They will aware of the possible danger and help you stay away from such a hazard. In the remote or mountain area, it is better to be in the care of the guide or professionals. If you hire the trekking agency in Nepal, they will offer you security and protect you from many dangerous problems like altitude sickness, frostbite and many more.

To get valuable insight and information hire the trekking agency in Nepal

If you are visiting Nepal for the first time then you may not know about the culture and tradition practice in Nepal. Although you have traveled as the solo traveler in Nepal you may not be well familiar with the local culture, tradition, and religion and may not know about the monasteries, Gompa, Mani of the wall of the mountain region. Trekking Nepal is much about culture as much about Himalayan beauty. Hiring the good and local trekking agency in Nepal will provide you with a good guide who will introduce more about the all secret destination in Nepal. The local guide knows all about the local villager like their culture, tradition, religion, their way of living and many more and provides you with these all information about the cultural diversity of the local people living in the community.

Hire trekking agency in Nepal for Expert Consultation

When you hire a local trekking agency in Nepal, you will get the best consultation. Most of the trekking agencies in Nepal often make the package or work according to their client review and they will provide you with the programs which are best and suited for you. You can also request for any program that you are very comfortable with it and the trekking agency provides with and also make sure your requirement met. You can get the best option like this. You can also choose the trek and package according to your fitness level, holiday, time and experience.

It is possible to trek in the remote and restricted area if you hire trekking agency in Nepal

Remote Trek

The trekking route in Nepal is both famous and off-beaten. The less known trekking route is also crowded and more naturally and beautifully.  When you hire trekking agency in Nepal, you have the option of trekking in the rural and restricted destination. Usually, trekking in the rural and restricted route do not have the well-developed trail and accommodation facilities. Even you need to go camping in several places. So that it could be very difficult for the well-experienced traveler too to arrange all the required materials during the adventure trekking in the restricted or during the peak climbing. Thus, hire the trekking agency will be great and helpful while trekking to the rural destination.

Thus when you hire trekking agency in Nepal, it may cost little more money, but it will make your journey more beautiful, hassle-free, safe, insightful and memorable so it is definitely worth traveling with a reputed travel agency in Nepal as doing has greater merits than otherwise.

There are many reasons why travelers should book their trek and tour in Nepal with a local company is the local companies are established to conduct and organize your holiday in Nepal and if no one wants to use the local company for trekking in Nepal, there is no reason to invest money and establish the company.

However there are many international travel companies around the globe and they also organize the trekking in Nepal but many of the tourist know that the huge the companies are working with the local company in partnership and using services of the local agency, which prove that the local company are capable to handle all the tourist so, there is not any specific reason for booking the holiday trip directly with the local company as you will get the services from these company where ever you book your trek.

Some of the important reasons to book trek with the local company are:

To get the best price:

Local company offers the best price for the adventure holidays in Nepal as the operation and the staff cost in Nepal is very cheap compared to the other developed countries, it does not mean that we offer you the low-quality service as there will be the guide and staff on your trek, the local company can offer cheap because you are booking the trip directly with the local company and there is not any third person to take commission from your trek.

To promote the Nepali economy:

When you book your trek with a local company, the amount directly goes to the local economy and Nepali make a lot of difference from the money you pay as tourism of Nepal is the backbone of the development and the economy, thousands of the Nepali involved in tourism and continue their lifestyle so it support to the local economy and entrepreneurs.

Tilicho Lake

To get the authentic information

The local company in Nepal and you are traveling and trekking in Nepal means that they are in the field and they are up to date about for what is happening in Nepal which means they can offer you the real information about the trek or tour program or any news about the trek. All the local agency have a good knowledge and be up to date with the news of the trekking so that they can provide you the real and important news which can help you in your adventure trip in Nepal.

To use local staff and products:

When you book your adventure trip with the local company, you will use the local staff like local guide, porter, etc. to complete your holiday trip and there is no other who know and can explain more about the tourism sports rather than the local guide, porter, and Sherpa as they are the master of that place and kept and share the important information of that sport to the visitors.

To have Flexibility on your trek:

Villager on the way

Generally, big companies offer the group holidays and the traveler should go form group visitors, they should cancel the booked trip if they don't get enough booking for the fixed dates trek but it is always possible to arrange the trek with the local company even if you want to make the adventure trek single. We are the local company and we organize the single trek for any date which is most suitable for you and also offer you the itinerary and package according to the holidays you have in Nepal.

After reading above article there is no any reason for not booking your holiday trip in Nepal with local company and Nepal Hiking Trek is one of the best local company which has been organizing the trek in Nepal from many years and success to make the good track in the trekking industry sector in Nepal, so that we would request to experience our trekking service and know more about Nepal and us. I would also recommend that before booking the adventure trip to Nepal please learn more about the company because it may be your first and last adventure trip in Nepal. So make your adventure holidays trip in Nepal more memorable, safe, insight and beautiful. Annapurna Base Camp Trek is best for solo trekkers to do trekking. 

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