Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Do Upper Mustang Trek

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Upper Mustang Trek the ancient kingdom of Lo, is the remote, isolated, legendary and the beautiful trek in Nepal. The experience of the breathtaking Himalayan flora and fauna, walk following the track of the rivers, crossing the gorges, walk through the dense rhododendron and bamboo forest, experience of the diverse landscapes, picturesque and charming village with the encounter of local religion, tradition and culture are the indeed and the attractive aspects of this trek. The modernization and commercialization untouched the purity of the environment, through the trek are remote but you can experience the fresh environment, polluted free natural beauty. Mustang region is ruled by the king Gigmae Dorje Palbar Bista up to 2016 BS and after that, it was unified. Before the unification, Mustang is the separate state so Mustang region is the hidden wonders of Nepal, many cultural, ancient arts, tradition are still protecting and following by the people. One can collect beautiful memory by trekking in this region. To make the adventure trek in this region the traveler should pay extra cost as the restricted permit fee to visit this region. This is very suitable for those who want to be far from the hustle and bustling life of the city and wants to experience the remote lifestyle. The village in this region is very unique and charming surrounded by diverse and beautiful landscapes and the snow-capped mountain. We can enjoy the remote lifestyle, cultural program, know about the religion and also can experience the Tibetan and Buddhist culture and tradition. One can also make the beautiful experience and memories about the monasteries and monks of this region.

Here we have mentioned 10 reasons why we should do the upper Mustang region are:

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The ancient kingdom of Lo Manthang

Kingdom of Lo Manthang

Upper Mustang Trek is the ancient kingdom of Lo Manthang. The king ruled this region up to 2016 BS and it was unified. Before the unification, the Mustang region is the separate state. No visitor is allowed to enter this region without a restricted permit card, so one should pay a certain amount as the permit to enter. You can see the palace of the king in the Upper Mustang. You will be provided with the great opportunity to explore with the ancient arts, culture, and tradition. Lo Manthang is an attractive place which attracts the visitor with its unique design, culture, and ancient unique and fact history. One can make a beautiful destination in this region. This palace is at the top which offers the beautiful views of the snow-capped mountain and the diverse landscapes with the warm hospitality and the cultural program of the local people.

Diverse landscapes

diverse land structure-upper Mustang

Upper Mustang Trek has unique landscapes; the charming valley of this region is surrounded by the beautiful rocks and also can see the mysterious rocks during the adventure journey to this region. The trail of this trekking destination takes you through the unique landscapes and walk following the up and down path because this region is the remote and far from the modernization and commercialization. With the fresh environment experience and the unique, diverse landscapes, the holiday destination to the Mustang region is very memorable and beautiful.

Beautiful views of the snow-capped mountain

Land view of upper mustang

Upper Mustang Trek provides you the gorgeous views of the world highest peaks like Mt Annapurna, Mt Dhaulagiri and few more. You can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of these mountains from the upper Mustang region with the unique experience of the Himalayan flora and fauna and a charming village surrounded by this mountain. From the upper Mustang, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the snow-painted mountain with their summit and the diverse landscapes.

Teeji Festival

Teeji Festival-Upper Mustang

One of the most famous and religiously festival celebrated in Mustang region, this festival is an event of the religious ceremony, colorful attires, and depiction of myths and legend in the form of the folk songs and dance. During the adventure trek in the summer region, you can enjoy the unique phenomenon. The people of Lo celebrate the festival towards off suffering from the region. This festival is celebrated with the traditional colorful dresses, beating the drum, unique music and with the sweet of camphor.

Summer region in Mustang Region

summer in upper mustang

Making the adventure trek in the Upper Mustang Trek in summer season is very suitable to those who want to experience the natural as well as cultural beauty of this region with any disturbance of the natural disaster. In the Mustang region, there is a high chance of the wild wind which disturbance of put obstacles on you so in summer region there is less chance of natural disaster like a wild wind, and this region lies in the rain shadow, you can enjoy the natural beauty with the mind-blowing views of the snowy peak. The picking season to trek is March-September.

Gompas and Monasteries

Gompas and Monasteries

Upper Manaslu Trek is a spiritual and adventurous journey. We can enjoy the many Gompas and Buddhist monasteries along the journey. Mustang region is very reached in the local culture, religion and tradition and also many ancient arts, culture, image are preserved in the monasteries of this region which reflect its history and culture. Some attractive and popular monasteries in Mustang region are lo-Gekar Monasteries, Tsarang Monastery, Ghami Monastery, Ghiling Monastery, Chooser Cave, Luri Cave and the unique stupa of Tangya and Ghar Gompa. These unique monasteries are attracting many visitors every year.

Buddhist Religion

Buddhist Region

Almost area of Upper Mustang Trek is covered by the Tibetan and Buddhist population because Mustang region is closely linked with the Tibetan and trekking in the Mustang region offers you a beautiful experience of the culture that remains unsullied science it was introduced centuries ago. The upper region remains a safe haven for an incredibly rare religious ethnic group not found anywhere else on the Earth. You can also enjoy the many Tibetan idols, statue, Thanka painting make the monasteries unique and the attractive in this region. This region's flourishment makes for a very spiritual trekking experience in Nepal.

Mysterious Cave

Mysterious Cave

Trekking in Upper  Mustang Trek is the beautiful trekking adventure. Upper Mustang valley is covered by the unique rocks and the snow-capped mountain where we can see much cave in this region. Littered with both man and occurred a natural cave. This region is the home to over ten thousand hollowed spaces on the rock and ground. Although the search and research on the mysteries cave of Mustang have been going since 2007, researches have found many wonders of the cave. Considered archeological mysterious, the cave is fascinating to explore while trekking.

Remote Lifestyle

Remote area upper mustang region

Upper Mustang Trek takes you through the picturesque village enrich with the local culture, religion, and tradition. You can enjoy the charming village, their lifestyle, local cultural program, explore the ethnic group, culture, religion. You can enjoy the diverse range of ecosystem, remote lifestyle, highly influenced by the Tibetan and Buddhist culture and tradition, breathtaking scenery of the world iconic peak. Many valley and village are untouched by the modernization and commercialization. So you can enjoy the fresh environment and ancient culture, tradition, arts and so on.

Reasonable price trip

Though the Upper Mustang Trek is very remote and off-beaten the beautiful combination of the highest snow-capped mountain and the diverse landscapes make your trip favorite and adventure destination all over the world and the good point of this trek is that it is not very expensive than the other vacation trip in Nepal. The cost of the accommodation and food increase according to the increase in altitude, however, the cost of accommodation and food is very less compared to the other off-beaten adventure trek in Nepal.

Conclusion: Upper Mustang Trek is a legendary and off-beaten trek in Nepal. One can make the interesting, experience and memorable journey by trekking in Mustang region. Nepal Hiking Trek is always ready to help you. We provide our client with complete satisfaction and comfort. Nepal hiking trek is a trustworthy and experienced local trekking agency in Nepal. So book your trip with us and feel safe just enjoy the adventure journey with us without any disturbance. If you want to ask any question related about hiring Nepal Hiking Trek or quality service then please mail us:

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